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The Final Bit On Books

From my post Even More on the History of Books, we know that after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the illuminated manuscript was being developed in monasteries of Europe, and that the codices that were produced were usually copies of older books, either Christian texts, mainly theĀ  475 more words

Art And Literature

A Eulogy for the Book

Do you ever miss the feel of the page? The artwork on the cover? The smell of the paper, the texture of the spine, even the satisfying whisper of the page as it’s turned? 611 more words


Tipografia la... Tipografia - Poster

A poster for my friends at the “Tipografia” bar in Brasov. They are hosting an event about Brasov’s history with typography, about our transition to Romania’s very own printing press helped along mainly by Andrei Muresanu. 110 more words

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