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The emancipation of authorship is the third emancipation of content (after the inventions of the Phonetic Script and the Printing Press)

The key idea that captures the transitions humankind is currently undergoing is the emancipation of authorship.
How many authors have there been on Earth throughout all of history? 704 more words

Emancipation Of Authorship

Early discoveries that the most impact on the development of mass media

After attending several weeks of class, and listening to the discussions on the different information revolutions in the world, I have found that one development of mass media that affected the world the most, was the printing press. 212 more words


Istoria tiparului.

 Germanul Johannes Gutenberg este considerat în general inventatorul presei de tipar, precum şi al îmbunătăţirilor ce au favorizat dezvoltarea tipografiei: matrici ajustabile şi compartimentate, precum şi folosirea plumbului pentru confecţionarea unor caractere rezistente, identice şi în serie mare. 1,055 more words


The Final Bit On Books

From my post Even More on the History of Books, we know that after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the illuminated manuscript was being developed in monasteries of Europe, and that the codices that were produced were usually copies of older books, either Christian texts, mainly the  475 more words

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Gutenberg's Apprentice by Alix Christie

In principio erat verbum

In the beginning was the word, (well according to John 1:1 anyway) but in the absence of someone writing it down, then printing millions of copies, you might never have known. 1,438 more words


A Eulogy for the Book

Do you ever miss the feel of the page? The artwork on the cover? The smell of the paper, the texture of the spine, even the satisfying whisper of the page as it’s turned? 612 more words


Tipografia la... Tipografia - Poster

A poster for my friends at the “Tipografia” bar in Brasov. They are hosting an event about Brasov’s history with typography, about our transition to Romania’s very own printing press helped along mainly by Andrei Muresanu. 110 more words

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