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The Power of Content and How You Can Harness It

I remember when I was a child being told that words could never hurt me and that I should soldier on and not let anything other people said bother me. 1,353 more words

Web Content

The web is 25 years old!

The Guardian has a nice article up about the web, its creation, and its creator Tim Berners-Lee, who I think it’s definitely accurate now to call Johannes… 237 more words


Letter to Vishua Mahabir

Dear Mr Mahabir,

today I listened to your lecture about the Enlightenment and the Ideology of Rationalism. Even though I already learned most about this subject in grammar school, it was nice to repeat it again. 92 more words

Book Review: Libriomancer

Hey, look, it’s not another¬†Hunger Games post! ¬†Instead of talking about teens killing each other for a rich and bloated minority, I thought we’d talk about books and the magic that a special reader can draw out of them. ¬† 1,210 more words