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Praying for Jerusalem, day 10 - The Messiah's many fulfillments of prophecy

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why have you forsaken me – Yeshua’s reference to Psalm 22 by His words from the cross, indicating that at that very moment the words of this Psalm were being fulfilled… 4,473 more words


Silent Retreat—and Prayer

matterofprayer blog post for Saturday, September 20, 2014

Silent Retreat—and Prayer

I went on a silent retreat today. It took place in a church in the middle of downtown. 503 more words


My sons are on their high school cross country team. The coach is a man of Faith and all the students greatly respect him.

The students know that Coach cares more about them than any record they could make or break. 150 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight

John 10 – “I am the good shepherd”

Several times in Scripture people are represented by sheep, and John 10 is one of those times.  Jesus presented Himself as “the door of the sheep. 166 more words


Happy on the edge of a cliff (don't be)

Why does she wander from his care? Why does she stray from his protection?

Her shepherd risks his life to secure for her lush, sheltered pasture, yet she chooses brambles on the cliff-edge. 187 more words


Your Master's Voice

The other day I was struggling. I was wrestling with something someone said. It got to me. I started the check myself, but not in the good way. 215 more words


Dedication of new church doors

New front doors were installed over the main threshold of the building at Faith Lutheran Church in Ottawa on August 29, 2014. Here follows the brief dedication service offered in worship on site, on Sunday, August 31, 2014: 316 more words

Theological Reflection