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Devotion for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday After Proper 21, Year A (ELCA Daily Lectionary)

Above:  Paul Writing His Epistles, by Valentin de Boulogne

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Propagating the Gospel

SEPTEMBER 29 and 30, 2014

OCTOBER 1, 2014… 338 more words


Spiritual Disciplines: Write a commentary

Who me? I can’t write a commentary.  That is for the spiritual giants right?  How do you think the giants got big?  They processed large chunks of Scripture and then wrote down their comments (commentary) on what they thought it meant.   564 more words

A Rant

A new tutor

In the Bible, the apostle Paul speaks of the law as a tutor. As a tutor the law taught us the difference between good and evil. 315 more words

Jesus Prayed For You!

Whether you believe it or not, YOU are a child of God.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. When He created you, He knew everything about you, before you were even conceived. 766 more words

Glory Shared With Us

One of the oft-repeated words in Christ’s prayer recorded in John 17 is “glorify” or “glory.” The very first words He says  are, “Father, the hour has come. 1,304 more words


The Church as the Father's Gift to the Son

I have always been intrigued by the potential implications of John 17 for ecclesiology. These three texts refer immediately to the disciples and by extension to the church (17:20). 99 more words


A Prayer Job for the Sent Ones

Here’s the deal with “secular” occupations: They are the White Fields Jesus spoke about. In these blogs, we’re basically exercising and building up the spiritual discipline of prayer. 1,336 more words

For The Sent Ones