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11.02.14_Legacy: It's Blowin' in the Wind (J. Berg)

Our Novembering service celebrates the memory of those who have gone before us. This year Jeremy brings a message  legacy interacting with Bob Dylan’s famous song “blown’ in the wind.” LISTEN

John 3:25-26

This led to a question arising between John’s disciples and one of the Jews about the whole matter of being cleansed. They approached John and said to him, “Master, look, the man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan, the one you testified to, is now baptising and everybody is coming to him!” – John 3:25-26 (PHILLIPS)

Daily Tidbits

Trauma, The Brain, and Healing Relationships (part 3)

This is a third in a series of drawing connections between the insights gained in this tremendous video and the Christian gospel. I would strongly encourage you to go back and visit those previous two posts if you have not had a chance to read and interact with them. 662 more words


Very few Bolts

There are very few Usain Bolts in this world. Invariably there is always someone who can do what you are doing with greater success, more prestige, louder applause. 253 more words

Bible Reading

R.C. Sproul on John 3

Therefore, if you have in your heart today any affection for Christ at all, it is because God the Holy Spirit in His sweetness, in His power, in His mercy, and in His grace as been to the cemetery of your soul and has raised you from the dead.

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