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Geons and Wormholes

As described by John Wheeler classical physics be regarded as comprising gravitation, source free electromagnetism, unquantized charge, and the unquantized mass of concentrations of electromagnetic field energy or geons, in these  terms classical physics can be described in terms of curved empty space, and nothing more. 376 more words


Geon black holes and quantum field theory

A geon, short for gravitational-electromagnetic entity, was introduced in 1955 by John
Archibald Wheeler as a configuration of the gravitational field, possibly coupled to other… 670 more words

General Relativity

Topological Geons

Topological geons are topological structures which are ‘quasi-localized’ and therefore capable of behaving like particles.┬áThe relevant topology here is purely spatial and is real as opposed to virtual. 175 more words