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Chaos at the Commons as the Government tries to vote on the EAW without actually doing so

The word ‘chaos’ barely does it justice. The scenes at the House of Commons on Monday were simply farcical. It leaves me seriously wondering what on earth the Government were thinking, and also admiring a great example of how Parliament can hold the executive to account. 849 more words


Four hours of my life I will never get back: My thoughts on the European Arrest warrant debate.

Yesterday afternoons debate could and perhaps should have been a simple 90 minute discussion on the reinstatement of 35 of the 110 EU police and criminal justice measures that the government opted-out of last year. 620 more words

MPs to escape investigations over alleged expenses abuse after paperwork 'destroyed'

By: Lamiat Sabin

MPs accused of¬†abusing parliamentary expenses¬†will be harder to investigate under a new system after House of Commons officials “destroyed” paperwork relating to their claims, it has been revealed. 498 more words


To War Or Not To War? - Craig Bateman On The Islamic State Question

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With Parliament set to be recalled on Friday to discuss potential military action against the so called Islamic State, Craig Bateman looks at the issues behind the vote and the philosophical questions that MPs will have to consider before making their minds up. 666 more words