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Ginsburg’s Prayer


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They Hired CGI Again


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ObamaCare Server

Wrong… 122 more words

Leftists (In The USA Aka As Liberals-Progressives)

Traitor !!!!

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It’s probably my imagination, but the treason meme applied to prominent Republicans appears to gained some traction of late.  Let’s keep it going… 30 more words

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CBS’s 60 Minutes

This used to be a fun show to watch, a “good” show. Back in the day they used to expose both individuals and corporations that were acting against the welfare of mankind. 261 more words

Obama Great At Playing the Role Of Crybaby

Let’s clear the air on one thing. Barack Obama is a crybaby. There. I’ve said it. It’s out there. The man is a whimpering, sniveling little crybaby. 518 more words

NOAH ROTHMAN :Obama White House in meltdown over Netanyahu’s proposed speech to Congress

Hot Air: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, once slandered by an unnamed White House official as a “chickens***,” does not seem so timid anymore. The White House did not feel that it was especially necessary to even investigate who made those insulting comments in an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, and they will almost certainly not investigate recent controversial statements made by another unnamed White House official. 29 more words


What's with MSNBC?

Following my usual practice, I woke this morning and grabbed the remote to check out the news coverage on the various channels.  When I got to MSNBC, I thought I was still captured in the arms of Morpheus.   128 more words