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Republican leadership unveils their immigration plan

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled his party’s long-awaited plan on immigration on Wednesday, telling reporters, “We must make America somewhere no one wants to live.”

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Absurd Lawsuit?

House Republicans filed a long-threatened lawsuit Friday against the Obama administration over unilateral actions on the health care law that they say are abuses of the president’s executive authority. 100 more words

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It's there! Christmas tree donated by Minnesota arrives at U.S. Capitol

It’s been on the road for almost three weeks, but on Friday the Christmas tree from Minnesota that will take pride of place outside the U.S. 216 more words


"Artificial Republican Unity On Immigration": There’s No Reason For Progressives To Be Defensive About Obama’s Actions

The grand irony of the president’s immigration action is that it was to a considerable extent the product of intra-Republican disunity on immigration policy–yet it will unite the GOP in real and fake outrage. 395 more words



Washington, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Just like most Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner has always rejected the notion of global warming, opposing every single proposed legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gases that damage the environment. 107 more words


"Institutional Treason": Boehner’s Lawsuit Is Betrayal Of Congress

Republicans have finally filed their lawsuit against the president over implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Actually, the president isn’t a respondent; the suit names the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Secretary. 301 more words


When in doubt, House, sue

Congress is going to court with the president of the United States.

The House of Representatives filed its long-awaited lawsuit against Barack Obama, contending the president misused his executive authority to “rewrite the law” regarding the Affordable Care Act. 228 more words

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