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Republicans Just Don’t Get It

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There is a reason why it has taken so long to emerge from the Great Recession. And the Republican leaders of the House and Senate with their new majorities exemplify why we have barely emerged from it. 463 more words

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"GOP Anger Cannot Obscure Legal Reality": On Immigration Policy, The Law And Facts Are On Obama’s Side

There is an adage every young lawyer learns: If you have the law, pound the law; if you have the facts, pound the facts. But if you have neither, pound the table. 707 more words


"Hollowness Of GOP Arguments": Where Was Republicans' Concern for "Political Norms" When They Took The Debt Ceiling Hostage?

Else where on this site, Eric Posner argues that conservatives should celebrate President Obama’s immigration actions because they “may modify political norms that control what the president can do.” The idea, which will be familiar to everyone following the contretemps surrounding Obama’s immigration policy, is that Republicans will eventually be able to marshall the same powers Obama is asserting to more conservative ends. 791 more words


"Forcing The Contradictions Of The GOP": With Immigration Action, Obama Calls His Opponents’ Bluff

Obama’s decision to back away from our government’s policy of ripping apart the families of undocumented immigrants has called forth utterly contradictory responses from Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and progressives. 697 more words


Chuck Hagel Departs in Shake-Up of Obama National Security Team

In a shock announcement Monday, the Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel announced that he would be departing President Barack Obama’s national security team, creating new uncertainty over the direction of American policy, notably regarding the threat posed by Isis and the US role in Afghanistan. 806 more words

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Happy Thanksgiving Turkey!

The Thanksgiving Day Turkey

       Pictured from left to right are turkey industry representatives Jeff Radford, Stuart Proctor and the Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving Day from the Turkey Industry in Business and Government!

John Boehner


“We’re all very different people.  We’re not Watusi.  We’re not Spartans.  We’re Americans with a capital “A”.  You know what that means?  That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world.”  Bill Murray as “John Winger” in the movie Stripes.

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