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Unemployment 2014 Clock

        There is now a unemployed clock that tallies the number of unemployed who have had their benefits cut off since December 28, 2013. The website is; 233 more words

President Obama

Electile Dysfunction

Because this blog enjoys a global audience – and you know who you are – not everyone who will see this post is subject to the daily onslaught of American tv commercials for pharmaceuticals. 936 more words


School Choice Caucus enters Congress

The Congressional School Choice Caucus is the first group of its kind on Capitol Hill. Parents and lawmakers joined forces March 25 for the inaugural meeting, broadly discussing ways to continue expanding educational freedom so every child can receive a good education, regardless of ZIP code. 422 more words


No Allen West, Henry Aaron Doesn't Need A History Lesson From You.

In a week where we as a nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act, a week where the President of the United States addressed a largely African-American audience on the importance of voting–particularly in the face of restrictive laws and rampant suppression– and a week where the Attorney General of the United States addressed that same audience on his unfair treatment by members of the United States Congress, including a Congressman from Texas whose knack for saying the most bigoted things imaginable is as common as the sun rising each morning, –I’m looking at you Louie Gohmert– the subject of race was in the news quite a bit. 1,374 more words

Business Wants Congress To Embrace Unemployment Benefits Extension

Business Wants Congress To Embrace Unemployment Benefits Extension

        It has been over 3 1/2 months since Congress and the President left town for the Christmas Holiday Season, terminating unemployment benefits for over two million people without warning leaving these innocent victims facing record cold weather and high heating bills. 290 more words


Patriotic Resistance Stages Mass Rally on the Maidan in Kiev… Where in the Hell was the Western Media? This Proves Them Nothing but Langley Stooges (That Means YOU, Sophia Kishkovsky and Victor Potapov)


On Monday, activists of the “For a Decent Life” bloc led by Irina Bogdanets rallied on the Maidan in Kiev. Bogdanets told reporters, “Life in the Ukraine grew unbearably worse over the past week. 554 more words


John Boehner's Tea Party opponent releases a campaign ad accusing Boehner of having "electile dysfunction"

 John Boehner is facing a Tea Party primary opponent named J.D. Winteregg who recently released a new campaign ad. Here is part of what he says in the ad: 168 more words