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John Boehner's speech to The American Enterprise Institute: Five Points for Resetting America's Economic Foundation ( video & text )

Yesterday, Speaker Of the House, John Boehner addressed the American Enterprise Institute where he laid out his five point plan for resetting America’s economic foundation: fixing our tax code, solving our spending problem, reforming our legal system, reining in red tape, and improving our education system. 2,249 more words


Asking U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner to Act on Climate Change

Here’s a petition to ask (U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, right-wing climate science denier) John Boehner to: “Act on Climate Change!” I often sign things like this, but this one’s a bit like asking Hitler to support the Anti-Defamation League; it’s not going to happen. 154 more words

Climate Change

"Sniveling Little Children": Boehner Laments 'Knuckleheads' Within House GOP

Once in a while, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) sounds like a man who isn’t entirely fond of his ostensible followers.

Speaker John Boehner said that he’s got a “few knuckleheads” to deal with, and that’s largely why the Republican majority in the House looks good on paper but doesn’t always pan out with votes. 430 more words


Republicans Are Still Out To Lunch

Obama will hear from my lawyer…just as soon as I’m done free-loading here.

When it comes to taking definitive and strong actions against the President’s violations of the Constitution, and his multiple violations of the rule of law, the Republicans have been unable to launch any kind of serious push back or neutralizing efforts because they are still out to lunch. 664 more words