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“Dogma Appreciation 101”

This is just a personal note, but I’ve found Mike Taylor from NTRMin. He’s been blogging, for a time under the pseudonym Miguel Sastre (though he explains why he used that pseudonym). 87 more words

Catholic Hermeneutics

Moving forward while retaining ties to the past

I’m working through Richard Muller’s “Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics”. That’s a daunting title, to be sure, but given how these several generations of theologians (from say, 1550 to 1750) worked to codify the theologies of the Reformation, they were probably some of the best Christian thinkers in the history of the church. 313 more words

John Bugay

“Codifiers and perpetuators” of the Reformation

I’ve recently acquired an electronic copy (yes, I paid for it – one of the benefits of working as much as I do these days is that I can afford to buy all the books that I’ve wanted) of Richard Muller’s “Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics”. 270 more words

John Bugay