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“Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics” Volume 2: Scripture

I’ve been publishing selections from Muller’s Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, Volumes 1 and 3 (“Prolegomena” and “Doctrine of God”), here at this site.

But I’ll be publishing selections from Volume 2, Scripture, at Triablogue. 7 more words

John Bugay

Lutheran Theologians in American history

When I was leaving Roman Catholicism, I was looking for the history of others who had left it as well. Most of the historical writings I was finding were coming out of the Reformed tradition – in… 26 more words

Church History

Anselm of Canterbury: An 11th Century “Sinner’s Prayer”

There is an exhortation of Anselm (1033-1109) to a dying brother, written in the most comforting words: “When a brother seems to be in his death struggle, it is godly and advisable to exercise him through a prelate or other priest with written questions and exhortations.

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Proofs for the existence of God

Here is how Richard Muller introduces the topic of “Proofs for the existence of God”:

An example that will be addressed at the very outset of the topical section of this study is the use of arguments for the existence of God where, contrary to much received opinion, the Reformers did not scorn the issue and the later orthodox did not revert to a purely Thomistic exposition of the five ways.

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“Dogma Appreciation 101”

This is just a personal note, but I’ve found Mike Taylor from NTRMin. He’s been blogging, for a time under the pseudonym Miguel Sastre (though he explains why he used that pseudonym). 87 more words

John Bugay