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Our Daily Bread 053: Hauschka

Sean BW Parker waxes eloquently about the avant-garde classicism of Hauschka’s latest experimental suite, Abandoned City.

Hauschka  ‘Abandoned City’  (City Slang Records) Available Now

It’s very hard to go about discussing a deeply thought about, worked on instrumental concept album. 220 more words


John Cage: 10 rules for students and teachers

John Cage was an avant-garde composer whose work has left a lasting influence on contemporary music. Cage’s work included such experimentation as using a prepared piano (meaning objects are placed inside the piano to alter the sound) and a composition called 4’33, in which the musicians make no sounds at all for four minutes and thirty-three seconds. 245 more words


Thursday [4.17.14] on artxFM.com: David Grubbs discusses "Records Ruin the Landscape" with Keep Louisville Literary

David Grubbs, an integral member of the Louisville music scene for decades with bands:Squirrel Bait Youth, Bastro, and Gastr Del Sol, went on to study music to the dissertation level and has since churned out a book integral to the music scene at large.  504 more words

“Saya tidak mengerti kenapa orang takut akan ide-ide baru? Saya justru takut ide-ide lama.”

John Cage, komposer besar Amerika, (1912-1992) 


Space and Silence

Space and Silence was my attempt at reconciling music and silence. Inspired by the work of Morton Feldman, Kisho Kurokawa, and John Cage, it is a composition written for solo vibraphone that lasts an indeterminate amount of time. 511 more words


This piece, written by John Cage, is a musical masterpiece. Minimalism in the form of music. I think it’s really quite genius!!

2014 Lent 30

I Corinthians 14:20-33a; 39-40

“God is a God not of disorder but of peace” (v. 33).

I have a Jewish friend named Shay.  I met him one winter day on top of a mountain in southern California.  713 more words