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"You must have the courage to be bad – to be willing to ..."

” You must have the courage to be bad – to be willing to risk everything to really express it all.

–John Cassavetes, 1929-1989, American, actor, director, screenwriter


Chandler's Trailers: "Two-Minute Warning" (1976)

     Larry Peerce’s “Two-Minute Warning” is a textbook demonstration of the thriller done wrong and a vivid example of the type of creatively milquetoast filmmaking which infected Universal during the 1970’s under the tutelage of the Lew Wasserman talent-agent-as-creative-artist mentality: generic all-star dramas (if the term “all-star” were devoid of all meaning except to indicate “somewhat familiar faces”) which reduced the subject of the project-  be it disaster epic, swashbuckler, crime drama, war or biography  -to an assembly line Ross Hunter-like blandness of television-level artifice that felt particularly untouched by cinematic inspiration. 102 more words


Shadows (1959)

An intense young man walks the streets of New York while a moody, abstract bass line murmurs to us in the background. A young woman stops under a bright theatre marquee to check out the lurid display as a rambling solo sax underscores the scene’s sexual tension. 713 more words

Cinema Scoring

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976 version)

Ben Gazzara is a nightclub owner who can’t stop losing huge amounts of cash to shady gangsters. The gangsters he owns money to now are willing to forgive the debt, but only if he kills a Chinese bookie.  135 more words

Existential Bench

Seven people on a bench on Spring Garden Road, crushed together, rump to rump, staring off in different directions, waiting for the bus.

One gazed up into the gray streaked sky at a series of crows and seagulls circling, no doubt, some faraway meat or, perhaps, a smattering of leftover fastfood french fries.   475 more words

Catching up with Cassavetes: #5 - "Husbands" (1970)

Wow. What a film. Talk about a movie that just screams I am man! Now, I won’t say I was happy to have spent three hours with three unlikable rude jerks, but I wouldn’t want to ever take back those three hours either. 498 more words