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The Blemish Novella Story Part 29: new analysis and two kinds of electronica

Two bits of news on The Beach Volcano.

Firstly, my alma mater, Verity La, has published a wonderfully thoughtful  and expansive review, one that manages to tease out some themes and interpretations that might have been buried even from me. 191 more words

Blemish Books

a remote and despicable point

“His memory of a life without drugs was like a memory of himself as a blond, half-naked youth in good flannels, walking on a white beach between the dark sea and a rank of leonine granite, and to seek out such a memory was contemptible. 43 more words


very old and haggard

“This teacher from the university tells us to smile, smile, smile, smile, but you go around smiling all the time like he teaches us to, you get to look like a very old person, a very old and haggard person who nobody wants anything to do with especially in the line of banking investments.”

— John Cheever, Falconer


Author's Debut Novel Compared to Classics

It is surprisingly difficult to find a book to read that hasn’t been a bestseller. Being a bestseller is now practically a requirement for purchasing a book. 354 more words


the crux of drugs

“The fear of death is for all of us everywhere, but for the great intelligence of the opium eater it is beautifully narrowed into the crux of drugs. 23 more words


fortified and besieged

“Women possessed the greatest and the most rewarding mysteriousness. They were approached in darkness and sometimes, but not always, possessed in darkness. They were an essence, fortified and besieged, worth conquering and, once conquered, flowing with spoils.”

— John Cheever, Falconer


Drugs belonged in church

“Drugs belonged to all exalted experience, thought Farragut. Drugs belonged in church. Take this in memory of me and be grateful, said the priest, laying an amphetamine on the kneeling man’s tongue. 13 more words