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A clearing in the woods.

Roxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I had passed this forlorn tennis court many times and never saw anyone using it. Usually I just gave it a glance as I went past, but this time the light was beautiful and I had some time. 667 more words

What's the point of short stories?

I’m not much of  self promoter. I’m the one who so rarely posts on facebook  that the posts get buried under the avalanche of everybody’s else’s news. 747 more words

Edgar Allan Poe

The Swimmer (1968)

“If you make believe hard enough, it’s true for you…”

When one scours the Burt Lancaster film library, like I did when I cinematically “fell” for the American titan after watching his requisite acclaimed performances in  453 more words


The Swimmer

I was prompted to read John Cheever’s The Swimmer when I reported on the listing of his longtime home in Ossining. His widow died in the house they called Afterwhiles in the spring; he passed away some 30 years ago. 201 more words


The Swimmer (1968)

The loneliest lonely-man movie ever made, based on what you’d think would be an unfilmable John Cheever short story: Burt Lancaster is a Connecticut family man who, apropos of nothing, appears in a neighbor’s yard and dives into the pool. 75 more words


Alcoholic Authors V

No doubt like countless others across the land I have been nursing a World Cup hangover this week. Struggling for inspiration for a blog post I have decided to the take the opportunity to return to my Alcoholic Authors series. 361 more words


Cheever's Ambivalent Americana

I’ve only just started reading Cheever’s The Wapshot Chronicle and so many descriptions in the book, of a retired New England small town, have a strange approach to their Americana evocations. 526 more words