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the wizarding world of my subconscious

Earlier this summer, I reread the latter half of the Harry Potter books. Naturally, this increased the number of my Harry Potter themed dreams. Following is a brief compilation. 698 more words

The Python Tamed

The surviving members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus recently performed some well-attended and high-priced “reunion” shows at London’s O2 stadium.  At their best the Pythons were a brilliant comedy team, and like many fans I have favorite bits from their repertoire:  Arthur Pewtey and his ravishing wife Deirdre, the senile delinquents, the restaurant sketch, looking for an argument, and the twin peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.   536 more words


Python Talk...

…Local reporter Mike Murphy has interviewed me many times about my various comings and goings. He did it again last week, and the result is another well-written piece that makes me sound literate, organized, and knowledgeable, and even plugs my latest Python book. Thanks Mike!

Friendly Film Perspectives - A Fish Called Wanda (Spoilers)

Friendly Film Perspectives provides new perspective on film as the two hosts watch movies they have never seen before from a long list of films inside of the Fedora of Justice (a hat filled with movie titles). 319 more words


George of the Jungle 2

I never thought I’d be writing this review. Actually I never thought they’d make a sequel to George (the original). Brendan Fraser was fun, the story entertaining and there was more than enough to keep me entertained & the kids captivated.   273 more words

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