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Terminator Genisys Set To Reset The Entire Franchise

With the Terminator franchise planning to bring itself into another decade of operation, the plans of those involved are coming into focus. With that new focus comes a better look at just what’s going to happen in Terminator: Genisys that sparks a brand new trilogy of adventure and time travel. 479 more words


John and Cameron fanfiction

This is a list of my favorite Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan fiction. – John/Cameron fics.

Moved… they can all be found here: http://scaryrobots.tumblr.com/fanfiction… 5,160 more words


'Terminator Genisys' Earns a PG-13 Rating

Well I hope you enjoy PG-13 films, beacuse that is what you are going to get with Terminator Genisys.

Studios seem hesitant to take a risk on an R rated franchise picture, because they can appeal to a wider audience with a PG-13 rating. 224 more words


Teacher Threatens To Program A Robot To Murder All Her Students If They're Bad

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego County teacher resigned after being investigated for talking in class about programming robots to shoot and kill students. U-T San Diego reported Tuesday ( 247 more words


HELLO Welcome to my 28mm Terminator MiniatureWargame Blog!

This blog will detail the creation of my Terminator 28mm wargame, which I have been working on for quite a while. As I’m writing this, the first Judgment Day took place 17 years 23 hours 16 mins 23 seconds ago, at 2:14am, August 29, 1997. 1,286 more words