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Editor's Pick: 'Draft Day' Selected By Film Music Magazine

Film music journalist Daniel Schweiger has selected Draft Day (scored by John Debney) as part of his April Soundtrack Picks shortlist at Film Music Magazine… 129 more words


Happy Birthday Jennifer Garner!

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John Debney Scores Again With Walk Of Shame

Composer John Debney is having a busy month!  Debney fans will be getting a double dose of goodness with his just-released Draft Day album and the  118 more words


Kevin Costner Takes On Football In 'Draft Day' - Preview The Film Score

Draft Day, the new film which stars Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, opens in theaters on April 11 during sports season.   Lakeshore Records… 136 more words


Coming Soon: 'Walk Of Shame' - Score Album by John Debney

Composer John Debney has had a prolific career scoring for major films which span many decades, bringing his touch to many Lakeshore Records-released soundtracks such as  249 more words


Coming Soon: 'Draft Day' Soundtrack - Movie Stars Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner

We’ve seen Kevin Costner play golf in a movie. And, now, he plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns NFL football team in his latest film, … 164 more words