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Analysis of excerpts from "How People Learn" and "The Sources of a Science of Education"

“Until educators get the independence and courage to insist that educational aims are to be formed as well as executed within the educative process, they will not come to consciousness of their own function.” (Dewey 1929 , p.74) 1,018 more words

John Dewey & James Hayden Tufts: Ethics


The significance of this text in Ethics lies in its effort to awaken a vital conviction of the genuine reality of moral problems and the value of reflective thought in dealing with them. 347 more words


From knowledgeable to knowledge-able

Just watched Michael Wesch’s Ted x talk and I thought It was really interesting that he says Media are not just tools they shape what can be said, who can say it, who can hear it and how it can be said.   164 more words

The means justify the ends

Yes, I know. The title of this post is not right. It’s a deliberate misquotation, part of a writing challenge from over at The Blacklight Candelabra… 590 more words


Why an Integrated Curriculum?

Molecular biologist, John Medina, has done extensive research on how the brain learns and functions. Much of his research explains the best environment for a normally functioning brain to learn at it’s full potential. 573 more words


How an 'Advanced Curriculum' can actually ruin learning

This started out as a summary of progressivist John Dewey’s writing on Traditional VS Progressive Education entitled Experience and Education. But when I was writing it, I realized that each point needed their own post! 588 more words