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3 Instructional Resolutions for 2015

During this holiday season many people are excited about the presents and food, but for me, I look forward to New Year’s Day.  There is something about a shiny new year that promises a fresh start that makes me so invigorated. 457 more words

21st Century Learning

The Role of Artists in Society, Quote by John Dewey

The freeing of the artist in literary presentation, in other words, is as much a precondition of the desirable creation of adequate opinion on public matters as is the freeing of social inquiry. 120 more words


I do and I understand

Lau Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher is to have said: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” The concept of… 497 more words


Art in the Everyday at the Barnes Factory

So how do we separate ourselves from the culture industry? How do we reject popular forms that seem to come to us through a top-down art world? 790 more words

Education as a whole and in its parts

Creating a successful learning community

Our college mission is to ‘create a successful learning community’. While this only applies to our small part of the education system it’s not a bad aspiration for the whole system. 1,568 more words


EDU 6120 "I Learned Statement" Module 8

Since listening to the Ellis (2014) lecture titled, “What Knowledge is of Most Worth,” I am struggling to define one subject that could be considered the most worthy of Students today. 368 more words

Re-blogging 'Critical digital pedagogy: a definition'

Apologies for appropriating this blogpost from the brilliant Jesse Stommel and the Hybrid Pedagogy site in its entirety, but it says so many things about the critical project that is required in our physiotherapy teaching and learning that I wanted to promote it.   2,038 more words