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EDU 6120 "I Learned Statement" Module 8

Since listening to the Ellis (2014) lecture titled, “What Knowledge is of Most Worth,” I am struggling to define one subject that could be considered the most worthy of Students today. 368 more words

Child-centered classification

I’ve been reading about Metis, a Dewey-free library classification system developed and implemented in 2011 by the librarians at the Ethical Culture School in New York City (Kaplan et al., 2013). 564 more words


Dewey: Understanding Art as Experience

In order to understand the esthetic in its ultimate and approved forms, one must begin with it in the raw; in the events and scenes that hold the attentive eye and ear of man, arousing his interest and affording him enjoyment as he looks and listens: the sights that hold the crowd–the fire-engine rushing by; the machines excavating enormous holes in the earth; the human-fly climbing the steeple-side; the men perched high in air on girders, throwing and catching red-hot bolts.

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Troubling Thought...

“Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy.” – John Dewey


The Anti-Philosophical Gourmet Handbook

  Free Press

Dear Colleagues,

It has been suggested that we create a handbook or a pamphlet of posts and articles that address various issues, problems, deficiencies, biases, etc., in the Philosophical Gourmet Report, perhaps with a list of the Advisory Board members and the evaluators as an appendix. 198 more words


Founding Anew

Every generation must fight for its own freedom, which with each generation will come in a new form.
John Dewey

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