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375: The Struggle for the American Curriculum by Herbert Kliebard

375.00973: Kliebard, Herbert M. The Struggle for the American Curriculum: 1893-1958. New York: Routledge, 1995. 252 pp. ISBN 0-414-91013-7.

Dewey Breakdown:


Is the man who is tall happy?

Sometimes, generalization is great fun. Honestly recognizing its meaningless, it is at least harmless. And so I say, I love the French. The French artist,  528 more words


StoryMOOC: Some inspirational books

Meine “Kreativ”-“Lösung” für die Task of the Week aus dem MOOC The Future of Storytelling. Vier Bücher, die mich sehr beeinflusst haben und beeinflussen.

Wanna be inspired? 16 more words

Inspirational Videos

Quarter-finals B

Welcome to the final day of the quarter-final round of the Philosophers World Cup. After today, all semi-final matchups will be set. In the day’s first quarter-final, Italy take on an upset-minded Mexican side, while in the second South America’s only remaining team Argentina takes on the United States.  718 more words


Arts Education is Both/And

Creativity is a very unique skill. It is a skill that is linked to innovation and thus, one that we declare we want to see in education. 405 more words

Arts Education