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Reflective practice

John Dewey

Back in the early 20th century, John Dewey wrote about his ideas on experiential learning, more specifically on reflective inquiry¹. He divised a cyclic schema like this: 809 more words


Lost Its Way?

The stereotype of the old-fashioned schoolroom shows us the stern-faced teacher walking up and down the rigidly straight aisles with a ruler in her hand glowering at the children who were told not to speak in class or even to sneeze. 928 more words


the making of meaning

Meaning making is the process through which people come to understand the world around them. There are many ways to approach how people do this, philosophical, sociological, psychological etc. 673 more words

Design Research

Build up

Build up.

Each moment is a building block building on what was previously there. There is only place and time we can be in and that is the present moment. 95 more words

Teacher As Transformer

Beyond Caricatures: On Dewey, Freire, and Direct Instruction (Again)

A former colleague while we both taught high school in rural South Carolina, Ed Welchel, and I addressed [1] the continuing importance of both John Dewey and Paulo Freire, despite the decrease in requirements for education philosophy in certification and degree programs, in “The Practitioner Has No Clothes: Resisting Practice Divorced from Philosophy in Teacher Education and the Classroom” for Kincheloe and Hewitt’s… 1,487 more words


Teaching as Attitude: The Staying Power of John Dewey

by Daniel Richards

We have all heard of John Dewey.

The native of Burlington, Vermont, (1859-1952) has been on U.S. stamps; he protected academic freedom by co-founding the… 1,391 more words


No Place to Hide: Back to the Future via 1975 ...

No Place to Hide (2014) gelezen. Bijna volledig eens met Patrick Martins recensie op WSWS.org. Zoals ik net ‘tweette':

Finished @ggreenwald's No Place to etc.

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