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Photo of the Day: Obama Sniffs a Cuban Cigar

Barack Obama’s historic peace-deal with Cuba after 50 years of cold war hostility was a breakthrough not to be sniffed at.

But that didn’t stop the US president having a try, when he got close and personal to a Cuban on Wednesday … not a citizen, but a cigar. 416 more words

Barack Obama

A Bit on Obama's White House Channeling JFK?

In response to the uproar over President Obama normalizing relations with Cuba without gaining any real concessions from the Castros, White House spokesman Josh Earnest invoked the spirit of JFK.   126 more words


Responding Maturely to Criticism: A John F. Kennedy Example

Responding to negative criticism with lower developmental level skills can lead to an escalation of conflicts, violence, and the loss of valued friends. Among the benefits of utilizing higher developmental level skills are increases in how much people like and respect us. 1,580 more words


Americans can now legally bring back Cuban cigars

US president Barack Obama announced plans yesterday to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease travel and trade restrictions. And that means now Cuba’s famed rum and cigars can be brought legally into the US. 197 more words

Ice Cream Break Big Island Style

Teetering on the edge of a gloomy Northwest December day, my thoughts turn to November on the Big Island. It’s the day after Veteran’s Day in Hawaii. 678 more words

Science is Easy!

No doubt those who regard quantum physics or Einstein’s relativity or even just trigonometry as an impenetrable thicket of unknowable terms and ideas have a hard time believing science could be… 1,025 more words


Great Moments: Kennedy, Cuba and Cigars

Pierre Salinger, Autumn 1992: Cigars have been a part of my life. My smoking habit began in my youth, helped me write my own adult history, and now, cigars are in my dreams. 835 more words