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Would You Idolize a Janitor?

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Ten years ago, as I sat with my parents in John Foster Dulles airport on our way out of the country, I happened upon a thick-accented custodian who amused me with a quick magic coin trick. 793 more words


"The Brothers"

One way to bring Americans to reflect on their past – and future – would be to revive memory of the Dulles brothers. Their actions frame the grand debate over America’s role in the world that has never been truly joined in the United States.

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THIS DAY IN HISTORY - June 27: Guatemala sticks it right up United Fruit... legislatively speaking

June 27, 1952 – Decree 900, an ambitious land reform bill is introduced into law.

Five weeks earlier, Guatemalan president President Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán introduced Decree 900, a bill calling for the redistribution of uncultivated land. 716 more words