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5/9/1914 [Western Front] Sir John French agrees to help the French

Joffre is preparing to counter-attack the Germans, hoping to surround and destroy Kluck’s 1st Army. General Gallieni of the Paris garrison has taken his troops forward to join those preparing to strike the Germans. 150 more words


23/8/1914 The unstoppable Teutonic juggernaut rolls through Belgium

German forces continue to pour through Belgium, intent on marching far to the west before turning south to take the French in the rear. The Belgian army has largely retreated to the fortified city of Antwerp. 82 more words

German Army

Monday 17 August 1914 - We Lost 18

General ‘Sir’ John French takes up his headquarters at Le Cateau.

Special Constable recruiting begins in Great Britain.

The Cruiser HMS Pegasus raids Tanga and disables the German ship Markgrat. 412 more words