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Ahriman : The First Prince - John French (audio drama)

Black Library’s Echoes of War collection marches on, and on the fourth day comes an Ahriman audio drama from John French. Entitled Ahriman : The First Prince and running to 45 minutes, this is the Thousand Sons sorcerer post-Heresy, set some time after the events of the novel Ahriman : Exile. 393 more words


Changing Datatype in table without losing existing colunm

I have a table with a column of varch(2) and it needs to be changed to Varchar(3) or 4. Do I need to create a new column and copy the data from the old to the new? 34 more words


13/10/1914 [Western Front] Lille falls to the Germans; the "race to the sea" continues

The Germans and French are still trying to outflank each other, largely without success. The two armies are leapfrogging towards the Channel. Soldiers are beginning to think of this as the “race to the sea”, believing that whichever side can get its forces to the coast first will gain a decisive advantage. 190 more words


Finding score of fist test taken

I have students that have taken a test multipal times. I want to return the first test they took along with that score. I have tried this which does not work it returns all dates, when I remove scaledscore it returns min date and correct student id, What am I missing. 39 more words


Saturday 26 September 1914 - We Lost 210

The King, Queen and Lord Kitchener inspect 140,000 recruits at Aldershot.

The first Indian Army units disembark at Marseilles. Churchill visits ‘Sir’ John French and the British 1st Division which is in action at Chivy. 855 more words

First World War

SSIS Package - Execute Process task - Issue running batch file in 2012

I am using an excute Process task to run a batch file that runs an sftp script. When run the script manually it runs great. When I run it via the process task it completes but the files are not anywhere to be found. 69 more words


Song of the Day, September 22: A Blind Step Away by French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson

Today’s song is A Blind Step Away by (John) French, (Fred) Frith, (Henry) Kaiser, (Richard) Thompson. These four innovative, collaborative musicians pooled their diverse talents simultaneously challenging one another and creating a wonderful middle ground in the universe of their broad — sometimes eccentric — tastes. 48 more words

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