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QUICK REVIEW : Black Oculus - John French

The latest Horus Heresy quick read from Black Library, John French’s Black Oculus is a prequel of sorts to his excellent novella Tallarn : Executioner, which was a limited edition release in 2013 and is sadly still not yet generally available. 162 more words


Christmas Courting

Christmas Courting photographed by John French in 1955

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QUICK REVIEW - Ahriman : Gates of Ruin - John French

On the fifteenth day of Christmas, Black Library gave to us…an Ahriman short story by John French. Overlapping slightly with Sorcerer, and following on from a couple of the other shorts in the series, Ahriman : Gates of Ruin sees Ctesias looking back from a point far in the future and recalling the part he played in leading Ahriman and his followers out of the Eye of Terror. 154 more words


Ahriman : Sorcerer - John French

John French’s Ahriman series continues with the second novel, Ahriman : Sorcerer, in which the exiled Thousand Son sorcerer is still searching for knowledge, looking for a way to save his legion and repair the mistakes he has made in the past. 391 more words


Book Review: 'To End All Wars' by Adam Hochschild

By the time we reach the centenary of Armistice Day in 2018, I get the feeling that we might be suffering from a certain degree of World War 1 fatigue. 503 more words

Book Review