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ENDNOTE: Dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party



Often My Friends Misunderstand My Personal Politics

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Chicago, IL—I was raised in the Windy City under a politically conservative Democratic Administration.  614 more words


Beep beep

As a former practising student of science, one can not believe in fate. There are ,however, things which are inexplicable by the current body of knowledge. 331 more words


Lagniappe - July 2014

The Whited Sepulchre May (or May Not) Be Back - He’s been packed with work lately, but he did manage to write this piece about the odious Elizabeth Warren… 178 more words


The John Galt, Zombie Hunter Fantasy

Let’s do a quick compare and contrast. I’ve got two hyper-famous basketball players in mind.   Player A, from his highschool days on, has been known for teamwork. 1,533 more words


Quotes: Society Based on Need

“You propose to establish a societal order based on the following tenets: that you’re incompetent to run your own life, but competent to run the lives of others – that you’re unfit to exist in freedom, but ft to become and omnipotent ruler – that you’re unable to earn your living using your own intelligence, but able to judge politicians and to vote them into jobs of total power over arts you have never seen, over sciences you have never studies, over achievements of which you have no knowledge, over the gigantic industries where you, by your own definition of your capacity, would be unable to fill the job of assistant greaser.” 7 more words

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature

I have had somewhat ambiguous feelings about Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism ever since I first discovered her in college. I agree with much of what she had to say: freedom, capitalism, and the use of reason are good; tyranny, socialism, and living off others are bad. 830 more words