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Mad Woman of Suburbia -- John Grey

Cliffs in the garage, struggling to open an oil can.
I’m sweating over my homework.
Once more, Martha’s in her bedroom
being terrified by “The Book Of Revelations.” 244 more words


Crow Commentary by John Grey

Crows sit atop gravestones and caw.
Busted angel above,
rotting one below.
An eye drips tears.
A hand drips cheap flowers.
Black cloud quells trees, 104 more words


"Boko" - Fiction by John Grey

Many clowns are silly, and sad, and terrifying, but we doubt many clowns have experienced as many absurd twists of fate as the title character of… 3,405 more words


Trapped Under Ice

There will be a time
for the ice to melt
and the ducks to return.

The surface will be windowpane-clear,
served by the sun, the sky, 113 more words