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Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014) - Charlie Brooker (writer); Carl Tibbetts (director)

This sci-fi drama asserts the equal horror of psychological torture to its physical equivalent, standing as an indictment of the crimes recently admitted in the US torture report (while we in the UK await Chilcot). 43 more words


Black Mirror is the most depressing thing to watch this Christmas but that's ok

Christmas is a time for TV specials, all of the most popular shows in England bring out their best efforts with many often anticipating the likes of; Doctor Who, East Enders and sit coms such as the likes of 8 Out of 10 Cats but this year a different show has attempted a holiday offering. 300 more words


Black Mirror "White Christmas"

Not your usual Christmas Special.

Black Mirror has been described as “a really dark 21st century Twilight Zone.”  It’s the creation of Charlie Brooker, who has one of the most original minds in media.   135 more words

Coming Attractions



April 29, 2014

mike, nappier, travis and drunk discuss the following topics…………


lynyrd skynyrd and other eternal bands……….

is alice in chains alice in chains? 119 more words


A Dozen Children of Civil War Soldiers Are Still Alive!


Iris Lee Gay Jordan                                  Fred Upham

I have mentioned my current book project only once in my blog.  The book will tell the story of my great great grandfather’s role in the Civil War based upon his diary. 411 more words

"Children Of Civil War Veterans Still Walk Among Us"

Bridesmaids (2011)

Admittedly, I’m not really a fan of modern raunchy blockbuster comedies. It’s not a matter of faith or good taste or even sensitivity- so-called laugh-fests starring Seth Rogan or Will Ferrell and particularly directed or produced by a certain Judd Apatow don’t hit my funny bone; frankly, they drive me to ennui and frustration. 539 more words



What it is: Illumination Entertainment realizes that the only reason anyone saw the Despicable Me movies was because of the minions, and decided to give them a spin-off. 202 more words