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Sea areas Irish Sea & Thames: "I'm really passionate about whatever we come up with."

This trip was quick hop from Area Irish Sea – once known as Area Mersey – to Area Thames, which runs from the border with Humber down to North Foreland in Kent. 1,413 more words

The General Synopsis At Midnight

John Harrison: Environmental Science

John Harrison accomplished three goals during his leave: make headway on current research projects, develop new avenues of inquiry and help put on a joint meeting of four leading aquatic science societies. 395 more words

Sabbatical Research

John Harrison and the longitude problem (part 4)- The battle for the prize

The battle for the prize

Despite having done all that was asked, the board refused to accept his claim and requested another trial, William taking the watch on board ship to Barbados in 1764. 306 more words


The Rohilla rescue and dressing up kit - RNLI at the Maritime Museum

During half term the RNLI had a stand at the “Ships, Clocks and Stars” exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

The exhibition, which runs until January 2015, marks the 300th anniversary of the passing of the Longitude Act in July 1714, and tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude (east-west position) at sea, helping to solve the problem of navigation and saving seafarers from terrible fates including shipwreck and starvation.   216 more words


John Harrison and the longitude problem- (part 3)- Harrison tries again

Harrison tries again

Harrison presented his second sea clock named H2 in 1741 which was similar in design to the first but soon withdrew it when he found design problems which would affect the timing of the clock on a moving ship. 329 more words


John Harrison and the longitude problem (part 2) - Harrison's first entry

Longitude: the exact location of an object on the earth in terms of north, south, east and west. This is especially important when sailing, so ships are aware of their location and avoid being wrecked. 221 more words


John Harrison and the longitude problem (part 1)- Early career and inventions

Seeing as this year is 300 years since the launch of the Longitude competition, here at the Museum of Time we have been running an exhibition all about it and the winner John Harrison. 329 more words