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Bonus Genre Month Reviews:The Proposition and Brick

Or: a couple of short reviews I had penned and linked together in one of my patented “just made up on the spot” combinations, namely that they are both products of 2005, they are both depressingly cynical and nihilistic modern reflections of the long history of their respective genres, they are both the first fiction feature films of their respective directors, and they, respectively, fit into the genres I’ve covered in the past couple months: the western and film noir. 1,196 more words

Genre Months

Cop Land (1997)

Cop Land can be classed with recent entries Oblivion and Lawless under the “Decent Movie, Terrible Title” banner that seems more and more popular these days. 477 more words


The Rover: Movie Review

I’ve always maintained that the pace of any film is never a deterrent. Unless, of course, the pace allows you to catch the movie red-handed in the act of manipulating your senses; in this case, it’s a completely different story, and also – in a lot of major places – a failure in the artistic attempt of filmmaking. 304 more words

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James Franco captures pathos of a necrophiliac psycho with 'Child of God' - A film review

Note: This review does go into spoilers, but I feel I needed to in order to explain some of the film’s redemptive and misunderstood qualities. 1,264 more words