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Books Reviews Added

I have been adding book reviews to my Recommendations tab, above. The latest to be added are two twin publications surveying Christian Attitudes Toward War & Peace, 41 more words

What is the Church?

I love quotes.  My friend Norm obliges me in this love by posting a variety of quotes on his office door.  Today I share some of his collected quotes about the church as community. 154 more words

Healthy Churches

Snippets from Yoder's 'What Would You Do'

Here are a few snippets from Yoder in the book What Would You Do? This book seeks to provide a Christian pacifist response to the oft-repeated question, “What would you do if someone was trying to rape or kill your spouse or child?” There are chapters containing answers to this question from a variety of people but the following quotes are just from Yoder’s chapter. 423 more words

John Howard Yoder

"Othering" and Mennonite sexuality struggles

Ted Grimsrud

I came across a quote in the book Empire by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri that helped me think a bit more about our current discussions about sexuality in the Mennonite world. 2,726 more words

Peace Theology

Some Tweets for Your Weekend

If your theology doesn't make you love people more, it's wrong.

— Tullian Tchividjian (@PastorTullian) March 7, 2014


Discipleship that doesn't teach how to dwell in the neighborhood is all in the head not present on the pavement.

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Snippets from Yoder's 'He Came Preaching Peace'

These are taken from a collection of Yoder’s essays entitled He Came Preaching Peace.

The Cross of Christ was God’s method of overcoming evil with good.

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John Howard Yoder

Snippets from Yoder’s ‘The Original Revolution’

I’m reading through a lot stuff by Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder and thought I would share some interesting quotes. These are taken from the collection of essays, … 1,114 more words

John Howard Yoder