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10 Reasons why Hitler was one of the Good Guys


Initially I had intended creating a piece titled “10 Myths about Hitler” but decided that there were so many, that I switched topic slightly. 2,018 more words

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Wake Up Australia this is Not ISRALIA Our Diggers Did not die so these creatures can steal our land and resources rape our children and poison us The Holocaust was all blatant lies Jew LIES , I Believe our Dead Anzacs would be ashamed of us for not standing up and being counted , Nazi jews In Tamworth hell yes ! Traitors in Tamworth Hell yes , The Commonwealth of Australia is a criminal organisation regd in the USA who is in turn regd to the British crown No not dizzie Lizzy the JEW crown the Holocaust liars crown , time to rip that crown of those clowns and give it back to gods chosen people Humanity , all you Cowards who can't or won't face the truth Thanks for Nothing you are the problem , Australia operates under NO BASIS IN LAW ,and has Committed Treason on the country it's people and most of all our Diggers the Anzacs the true spirit of Australia BAE 911 Israel 911 Fukushima Israel Boer for Israel , ww1 for Israel ww3 for Israel ww3 for Israel , so yes it's time to Destroy Israel and Free humanity . And Don't forget Hitler was a Good guy what they said about him has been proven to be total Jew Lies , Who runs Australia Jew Liars who runs Tamworth Cryptic Jew Liars , The Media have lied by omission by not telling all Australians that 48 Politicians Judges and other Traitors were charged with Treason Offences they Hide the truth from us and they need to pay for that there is no rule of law at all in Australia But we can fix all of these problems very easily study the true facts on History , learn who you really are , A flesh and blood person or a legal person ,the laywers are criminals ,as are the Judges , I have 100 % Proof of all I claim , so if the truth upsets you Go to Hell ! 96% of all Media is Jew Media !




John Howard’s brain was infected with a meme
stipulating Australian government always
sucks up to Empire & had never stood still
in his Vodaphone trackies long enough… 418 more words


The Superannuation saga.....

While a pained Joe Hockey tells us his “truth” about the mess Labor has supposedly left, and that the old age pension is no longer affordable so we must work till we drop, it is worth remembering the Coalition’s history on superannuation. 1,451 more words


The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: UFC FN Abu Dhabi Edition

You know the drill…

The Good:

Friday Night Fights! A better end to a heinous work week, I have yet to find. The fact that it also aired at a nice civilised time (for us in Scotland, anyway) really helped. 656 more words


Political Flashback: Straight Answers To Straight Questions

IT WAS THE FEISTIEST and bitterest rivalry in conservative politics in Australia, and on 5 September 1985 it seemed that John Howard had prevailed over Andrew Peacock after a botched attempt to replace Howard as deputy Liberal leader resulted in his ascension to the top job. 1,111 more words

UFC Fight Night: Noguiera v Nelson results

Ever since the main event between Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera and Roy Nelson was announced, there was only one way it was going to end based on their recent performances. 615 more words


UFC Fight Night 39 results: Ryan LaFlare scrambles by John Howard

ABU DHABI – Ryan LaFlare‘s wrestling looked decidedly better than fellow East Coast standout John Howard‘s, but the gap between their abilities probably was lengthened by an accidental groin strike in the second frame. 357 more words