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Review: Jim Jarmusch finds true romance in ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE

Beneath Jim Jarmusch’s cool, hipster veneer beats the heart of a romantic and he proves it with Only Lovers Left Alive, a paean to the constancy of love wrapped in the tale of a vampire couple, soul mates for centuries. 454 more words


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE: Jim Jarmusch airs a theory

Jim Jarmusch is a Shakespeare fan, not just of the works themselves, but of the theories surrounding their authorship. He is not sure who wrote the plays and sonnets. 410 more words


column - Three reasons why Hercules could actually be good

Three weeks ago the trailer for Hercules hit the web and the reactions to it were very mixed. Some people were surprised by how good it looked, but others were very vocal about their not so positive opinion. 1,008 more words


Trailer Tracks: Alien (1979) - Ridley Scott

Another classic trailer! This one runs for only 2 minutes, and the first minute doesn’t even include any footage from the film, but it so sets a creepy tone for what is essentially a sci-fi riff on the old dark house routine… 25 more words


Snowpiercer 2013

Writer and director Bong Joon-ho follows up his splendid free-spirited monster movie The Host with a big budget action film set in a frozen future and with the action confined to a nuclear-powered train that smashes dramatically through snowdrifts. 122 more words


Alien (DVD Screening)


So yes I am a big movie fan, however it is shocking the amount of ‘classics’ that I have never seen – I am fairly good on films post 2000 but anything much before that and it will be quite likely that I will have missed it.  561 more words

DVD Screenings

DFF - Things Of Interest for Fringes Fans Part 2

Part 2 of our look at the things Fringes fans might like at Derby Film Festival. Here we focus on the special events happening.

SPECIAL EVENTS… 972 more words