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Only Lovers Left Alive

Impresionante película de Jim Jarmusch (“Ghost Dog”), una verdadera joyita sin igual. “Only Lovers Left Alive” trata la historia de Adam y Eve, una pareja que lleva casada mucho tiempo, viven en distintos lugares (ella en Marruecos y el en USA). 197 more words


Dead Man (1995)

My 2014 quest into the land of Jim Jarmusch continues with Dead Man. While I pretty much fell immediately in love with the other Jarmusch movies I watched this year, Dead Man proved to be more of a difficult endeavor. 511 more words

Media Diet

O Portal do Paraíso

Heaven’s Gate (1980 – EUA) 

Da obra-prima ao fracasso. Na inernet facilmente encontra-se textos que pontuam a importância histórica do grandioso filme de Cimino, a disputa com o estúdio, o fracasso de bilheteria, o orçamento estourado, o ego inflado por aquele jovem promissor que ganhara 5 Oscar’s e pretendia realizar, nada menos, que a obra-prima definitiva do cinema americano. 355 more words


Snowpiercer - review

In a post apocalyptic frozen world, the only surviving humans live on a train, that constantly travelling around the world. There is a class system on the train, the  poorest living in squalor in the tail compartments of the train, the rich upper classes live in luxury at the front, but the poor are planning a revolt and they intend on taking over the train. 442 more words


Only Lovers Left Alive

Format Reviewed: Blu-Ray

CrownJules Concludes:

5 out of 5 Stars
The most beautiful relationship ever portrayed on screen.


This is a story about vampires.   564 more words

Moderate Spoilers

Snowpiercer: The Future on Ice

An object of blunt force and breath-catching beauty, Snowpiercer plays what-if with a familiar doomsday scenario: What if Noah’s ark never found dry land again? Would the animals turn on each other? 676 more words


This Is Snowpiercer

I enjoyed Snowpiercer.  Quite a bit.  It hovered somewhere between Sci-Fi Channel (excuse me: SyFy Channel) and real-boy movie, which added to the charm, excusing a small handful of poor effects while allowing the story to be wilder than it might have otherwise been allowed to be had the budget been larger.   714 more words