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ta’en away her Basil sweet

O Melancholy, turn thine eyes away!
O Music, Music, breathe despondingly!
O Echo, Echo, on some other day,
From isles Lethean, sigh to us—O sigh! 33 more words


O cruelty

” And so she pined, and so she died forlorn,
Imploring for her Basil to the last.
No heart was there in Florence but did mourn… 41 more words


Daily Poem - La Belle Dame Sans Merci

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
by John Keats 1819

I saw pale kings and princes too,
Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
They cried – ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci… 57 more words


One Whose Name Was Writ in Water

I almost wish that we were butterflies

and liv’d but three summer days – then,

fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget.

Touch has a memory. 56 more words


John Keats...Il ragazzo innamorato del vento

“Bellezza è verità, verità è bellezza”,che è tutto quanto sappiamo e dobbiamo sapere, sulla terra…

Poche preziose parole , che racchiudono la definizione di ciò che è Arte e Bellezza, e ciò che è Mondo…la Verità è Bellezza e Arte , il Mondo e le sue mistificazioni sono in altro luogo, fisico e mentale, lontani anni luce dalla dimensione poetica in cui il giovane Keats sarà immerso fino agli ultimi giorni della sua vita. 263 more words


Ship of Myself

What do Buddhism and open relationships have in common?

Ah, but that’s too easy…

If loving open is a practice in non-attachment, what part of love do I get to keep? 424 more words


La Belle Dame Sans Merci

It is clear that the knight-at-arms is a forlorn lover yearning for love and care. He appears in the autumn, somehow connecting with Fall when nature withers to create anew. 530 more words

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