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“Oh, my God!” Ignatius stared at what he saw. Once in high school someone had shown him a pornographic photograph, and he had collapsed against a water cooler, injuring his ear. 254 more words

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Books I couldn't finish, part 2

In my last post about unfinished novels, I discussed books that I just couldn’t quite get in to. Last time, I wrote about books that I started but just didn’t enjoy. 1,075 more words

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Review--You Can Lead a Horse to Water

(But You Can’t Make It Scuba Dive)

Queue the circus music when Sam, Muller, and Max join Max’s father Otis and mother Ruby in The Rec Room of Sound… 175 more words

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Unaware that he was being trailed, Ignatius pushed his cart against the traffic down St. Charles toward the Quarter. He had stayed up so late the night before working on his lecture for the kickoff rally that he hadn’t been able to move from his yellowed sheets until almost noon, and then it had only been his mother’s violent pounding and screaming that had awakened him.

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A Confederacy of Dunces – quotes and extracts – 73

Dear Reader,

Nature has sometimes made a fool; but a coxcomb is always of man’s own making.

– Addison

As I was wearing the soles of my desert boots down to a mere sliver of crepe rubber on the old flagstone banquettes of the French Quarter in my fevered attempt to wrest a living from an unthinking and uncaring society, I was hailed by a cherished old acquaintance (deviate). 1,168 more words

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The Tenants of Moonbloom by Edward Lewis Wallant

The Tenants of Moonbloom is an early novel that clearly showed a lot of promise. Unfortunately, the author Edward Lewis Wallant died while still in his thirties after writing completing only four novels.   506 more words

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“Irene!” Santa said angrily. “You all the time thinking of that boy, and with all the trouble he’s giving you. You better wake up, babe. If you had any sense, you woulda had that boy locked away at Charity Hospital a long time ago. 102 more words

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