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“You get mostly the tourist trade in the Quarter.”

“That’s even worse. Only degenerates go touring. Personally, I have been out of the city only once.

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New Orleans

Hey Friends and People Kind Enough to Read my Things. Once Again, Here I am Making a Dramatic Entrance- 4/13

Obviously I haven’t  been able to get on in a very long time and write out something that I felt would be meaningful enough for you guys to read. 391 more words

“We got a complaint on you from the Board of Health, Reilly.”

“Oh, is that all? From the expression on your face, I thought that you were having some sort of epileptic seizure,” Ignatius said to Mr.

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New Orleans

My review of Butterfly in the Typewriter is now listed on the JMB site.

New Orleans

Del cuaderno de citas: La biblia de neón

Si nunca han escuchado o leído sobre La biblia de neón de John Kennedy Toole, yo les haría imaginar una mezcla entre The catcher in the rye… 329 more words


‘And I say, “Yeah, I got me a nigger job and nigger pay. Now I really a member of the community. Now I a real nigger. 73 more words

Confederacy Of Dunces