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JFK II - The Bush Connection the movie

George HW Bush & the JFK Assassination

John Hankey producer of “JFK II – The Bush Connection” and Jeff Rense discuss about his movie and How he gets to investigate the connection of George Herbert Walker Bush with the JFK Assassination in Dallas on november 22th 1963. 52 more words


Milestone Reached

A milestone was reached today when this blog received its 5,000th view. This certainly didn’t happen in a meteoric sort of way. In fact it was more a glacial move. 25 more words

Martyrdom, John F. Kennedy and Catholic Social Teaching

Martyrdom confounds the modern mind… and how could it not? Living in an age of religious skepticism and scientism, we “enlightened” Westerners are unable to speak the same language or see the same world as the martyr, who found himself or herself unable to abandon their God to purchase comfort and well-being. 1,662 more words

Catholic Social Teaching

Ignatius and modernity

As promised, a post in dedication of that dear soul who first left me a comment.

One of the main projects of his blog has been “to use movies and television shows as thought experiments to test normative moral theories, and the metaethical views behind them”. 299 more words


Unseen photos of John and Jacqueline Kennedy's wedding to be auctioned

By David Shortell


(CNN) — A previously unpublished collection of photographs from the wedding of John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy will be auctioned this month. 451 more words


Health Care Fiasco Back Home: Bobbycare

You can take the boy out of Louisiana, but you can’t take Louisiana out of the boy. On the positive side causing those pangs of homesickness and smiles and laughs of times past, this past week I enjoyed a photo taken by a former neighbor of a sunset at Grand Isle looking out over the Gulf. 1,156 more words

General Commentaries Regarding The State Of Education And Government

MICHAEL MOORE - ADORO PROBLEMAS - meio século de história e política americanas passado a limpo

Bom dia a todos

“Àquelas pessoas nos casebres e vilarejos de todo o mundo, lutando para romper os grilhões da miséria, prometemos nosso máximo esforço para ajudá-los a se ajudarem, pelo tempo que for necessário; não porque os comunistas podem estar fazendo isso, não porque estamos em busca de votos, mas porque é justo. 467 more words