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FINDING VIVIAN MAIER: A Well Developed Positive

FINDING VIVIAN MAIER is a fascinating documentary about the discovery of the stunning photography of an almost invisible nanny, Vivian Maier.

For years she nannied for a number of (reasonably wealthy) families. 674 more words


Finding Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier was one of life’s eccentrics. A nanny who fell a bit short of Mary Poppins’ standards, she kept herself to herself, revealing littleĀ of her past or her passions to those who knew her. 548 more words


Finding Vivian Maier

I am clearly a bit late to the game as today was the last screening at the Barbican. To a packed cinema might I add. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to write my own few words in addition to the litany of raving reviews already out there. 263 more words


Finding Vivian Maier

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post since I saw this film on Tuesday, but life has gotten in the way as usual! I saw it with my future housemate Liz at the… 290 more words


Finding Vivian Maier


~ Posted by Simon Willis, July 21st 2014

In the winter of 2007, a young estate agent called John Maloof was rootling around in some boxes at an auction house in Chicago. 687 more words


Learning from Vivian Maier #6: Share & grow

A closer look on what held Vivian Maier back to publish her posthumously acclaimed street photography work unveils parallels to a very modern dilemma. To be honest, we’ve all become data junkies, aimlessly stacking digital media just as the nanny… 351 more words

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