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Would Keynes Have Been Fired as a Money Manager Today?

Interesting post by Ben Carlson.

Keynes managed an average return of 13.2% in the period 1928-45. The markets gave a return of -0.5% in the same period. 391 more words


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There is no harm in being sometimes wrong—especially if one is promptly found out.

John Maynard Keynes

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John H. Cochrane, The Death of Keynesianism Redux

Another review (the first is here) remarking on the death of Keynesianism, a/k/a “magical thinking”, this time from John H. Cochrane of the University of Chicago in the pages of the WSJ, … 375 more words


Corporate Passionate Responsibility

For someone who has never stumbled in any corporate theory before, the first impact with the conceptualization of words such as “management”, “shareholders” and “profit” could be pretty astounding. 875 more words

History of Modern Economic Thought

Starting from ancient times there were many thinkers and theories in the history of economic thought. The first modern school of economic thought is generally considered as… 432 more words


Are You Stuck In the Past? Or Is Benjamin Graham Still Relevant in 2015?

Is Benjamin Graham still relevant in 2015? Or is he not? Maybe just to some extent, or is Benjamin Graham more relevant now than he has ever been before? 671 more words

Benjamin Graham

It's Over: the role of art in an age of cultural dissolution

In some previous posts, I’ve talked about how the decrepitude of our large institutions, the demise of the political metanarratives that supported them, and the rise of automation have unmoored people from their sense of purpose, dooming them (or ‘liberating them,’ if you like) to lives of unemployment, unstructured time, novelty chasing, profitless freelance, and digitally-inspired social dysfunction: particles in the void, dust in the wind, mites riding the fumes of the great Western Engine as it overheats and flies apart.   786 more words