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Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all traded unicorns?

As you might already know, one result of the famous Bretton Woods conference of 1944 (which established the post-WWII global economic order) was to set the US dollar as the currency for global trade. 115 more words


The Man Behind the Hong Kong Miracle

Some of us just write about libertarian ideas. This guy actually made them public policy for millions.

For The FreemanLawrence W. Reed writes: Three cheers for Hong Kong, that tiny chunk of Southeast Asian rock. 837 more words


Say's Law goes to the movies

A while back I posted Say’s Law as Literature about a book of the name Waffle Street written by James Adams. The book is now being turned into a movie, and the story is now out in the open as they have now signed Danny Glover to play the lead role of Edward Collins. 377 more words

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Who would want to work three hours a day?

I find holidays paradoxical. The thought of sitting on a beach, staring over the ocean and watching the sun set seems like a great way to spend a Friday evening after a productive week of work, but to do so for a week or two – or even a month – seems, to me at least, a frightening prospect. 1,366 more words


Towards a theory of the development of the world market and the world economy

Isaak Dashkovskii
Under the Banner of
Marxism (№ 1, 1927)

Translated by Noa Rodman with light edits by Ross Wolfe. Still waiting on a full copy of the Russian to go over some of the rougher sections. 15,028 more words