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I Will Return You

Over the weekend, I managed to watch a total of three films that were new to me (not counting a fourth, later and from my DVD collection), all without rendering my faces with distinctly square eyes. 623 more words


Tim Nicholson's Die Hard T-Shirt Art

Threadless user Tim Nicholson has uploaded this amazingly-cool piece of T-shirt art inspired one of the most popular action movies of all time, Die Hard. 122 more words


Visual diarrhoea

I never used to be a film fan – used to think there were better ways to spend time than to sit in front of a screen for a couple of hours, like sit in front of a couple of nice speakers for a hour or two, or a couple of pints (for half an hour at least)… 461 more words

I Love You, Man... with a Firm Handshake: Quelling Homoeroticism in Die Hard

I once wrote an essay for a class on American masculinity in film about how the male characters in Die Hard avoid seeming gay. Here it is in all its way-too-in-depth glory. 1,678 more words


Dr. Seuss Does Die Hard by The Single Screenwriter

Dr. Seuss Does Die Hard by The Single Screenwriter. Illustrations by N. J.L.

Point 1) Illustrations.. more like two pictures. The cover and a tiny wreath on the bottom of each page. 151 more words


Podcast: Pop Top Five - 80's Action Movie Heroes

“A group of misinformed goofballs discuss their top five lists of random pop culture topics.”

Pop Top Five – Matt, Rayna, Adam, Kurt

This week on… 98 more words

Frederick Foxtrott

Movie Character Cartoon # 3 – John McClane

If anyone can give me advice on how to produce better scanned images, I would say “Yippee-ki-yay!“, which also happens to be the line famously spoken by… 262 more words