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Gay Marriage, Montana, and the Myth of White Christian Power

It’s hardly a secret that in the eyes of most liberals and leftists, white Christians are the embodiment of evil. From the usual tired rhetoric about “privilege” to… 869 more words


Differing paths to solving the Ukraine-Russia crisis

Written by Milan Mag

Ever since the Ukraine crisis started, there have been several attempts to understand the reasons it escalated and what led to the Russian annexation of Crimea. 738 more words


Leading American Experts Condemn Obama's War Provocations

Leading American military and intelligence experts, professors, and writers continue to condemn Barack Obama’s war policies in Russia and in the Middle East, which are putting the world on the edge of thermonuclear war. 416 more words


Huntington & Mearsheimer Clash & Combine ...

Huntington in The Clash (1996):

Paradigms also generate predictions, and a crucial test of a paradigm’s validity and usefulness is the extent to which the predictions derived from it turn out to be more accurate than those from alternative paradigms.

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