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Regarding a Certain Lobby that Represents a Certain Middle Eastern Nation

You’ve heard this story before, I am sure. A small Middle Eastern country is throwing its weight around and using its outsized powers to influence American foreign policy in the region. 592 more words

re:Wat in het ene machtsblok onzegbaar is ...

I made, hierzo, een beetje a meal of het zoeken naar een goed voorbeeld van ‘onzegbare’ dingen, terwijl ik nota bene zaterdag direct al een… 1,015 more words

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Video: John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt - The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt discuss their book “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” at Cambridge Forum. They argue that a group of pro-Israel activists are manipulating U.S. 23 more words

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Don't do stupid shit

What the fuck is going on in the Ukraine? And why does the US seem hell bent on starting a nuclear war over an area that has no relevance to it’s national security? 944 more words

5 authorities debunk the mainstream stories on Ukraine

Posted at War is a Crime
Is there still hope for peace in Ukraine?
By Patrick Boylan, Pressenza

The Ukrainian government, like Israel in Gaza, relentlessly goes on bombing residential areas in the eastern regions “to kill the terrorists hiding out there” (but also the civilians living there). 3,076 more words

Why defining anti-Zionism as anti-semitism doesn't help combat either


On August 9th popular pro-Israel Twitter user Avi Mayer noted that “Anti-Zionism…is always, without exception anti-Semitic.”

The next day Emanuele Ottolenghi, the Leone Ginzburg Fellow in Israel Studies at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and the Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College, concurred with a piece at the  1,013 more words

De bekentenis van Hubert Smeets ...

Wat oud, maar zie dit veelzeggende fragment van Nieuwsuur met John Mearsheimer. Mearsheimer stelt in een interview (vanaf 16:25) dat Poetin min of meer in het nauw gedreven is en dat Poetins acties het voorspelbare (en voorspelde) gevolg zijn van acties van de NAVO; Twan Huys vraagt na dat interview (vanaf 23:05) aan Hubert Smeets (NRC) of Mearsheimer daarin gelijk heeft; Hubert Smeets geeft dan het merkwaardige antwoord dat Mearsheimer “vanuit het geopolitieke standpunt” wel “een punt” heeft, “op zich”, maar dus alleen “vanuit dat satellietstandpunt” … 68 more words

Hubert Smeets

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