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Get Moving!

Get Moving!

First posted in Presidential Perspectives at CSTD.ca by Valerie Hickey, July-10-13

If you’re a designer of any type of learning program, build physical activity breaks into your sessions because the brain of a physically active person is actually better prepared to learn. 519 more words

John Medina

Data Display of the Day: How does the brain retain information?

Audience retention and application are top concerns for presenters of all forms–teachers, public speakers, leaders, interviewees. Ensuring that our audiences not only retain the information we present to them but also find a way to apply and implement that information through experience is what drives much of our content development, visual design, and delivery processes. 402 more words

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3 Reasons To Ditch Your PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint and Keynote slides are often so terrible that ditching them completely would go a long way in helping presenters connect with audiences.  I was taking a lazy Sunday nap and read an article on NPR called… 749 more words

Public Speaking And Presentation

Corporate Courtesy: The Human Stress Ball

Doesn’t it seem that modern cultures, especially corporate cultures in the US and abroad, worship chronic stress? Actually, it might be more accurate to say we have a love-hate relationship with stress. 954 more words

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