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The Archdruid Report: American Delusionalism, or Why History Matters

The Archdruid Report: American Delusionalism, or Why History Matters.


American Delusionalism, or Why History Matters

One of the things that reliably irritates a certain fraction of this blog’s readers, as I’ve had occasion to comment before, is my habit of using history as a touchstone that can be used to test claims about the future. 3,341 more words



I suppose with the distinct lack of people viewing anything I write, this will be a reminder for me of what I’ve read. However, if anyone does read this, then here’s some books I can suggest you read: 150 more words

(T)here really is a difference between a troubled, dysfunctional, and failing representative democracy and a totalitarian state, (and) a movement that promises to overturn a broken status quo, and succeeds in doing so, is perfectly capable of making things much, much worse.

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And So It Goes

Alas, a geomantic technique for the scrap pile.

Yada yada geomancy.  You know I know a lot about it, and I daresay I do myself.  Geomancy, over its 1000-year history, has developed many, many techniques to predict all kinds of stuff: how situations will resolve and under what circumstances, weather on a particular day, the types of diseases one may contract, … 2,535 more words