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The Third Son of Adam

“Adam and Eve, in the Genesis account, had three sons whose names are recorded; the first two, Cain and Abel, gained an unpleasant fame as the first murderer and his first victim. 69 more words

John Michael Greer

The Pearl Net of the god Indra

“What is the Sphere of Sensation? In simplest terms, as mentioned earlier, it is the aura, the egg-shaped outer layer of the nephesh that extends out several feet from the physical body. 135 more words

John Michael Greer

Old Testament as Cipher

“Over the years  the belief grew that the whole of the Old Testament was a gigantic cipher, a secret message from God to humankind containing all of the wisdom of the universe in encoded form.” 14 more words

John Michael Greer

Better than nothing

I’ve got to tell you, the pervading uncertainty of the way we’re cashing all tomorrow’s chips has me banging the walls for some sort of escape hatch from the ongoing fire sale of our future. 678 more words

James Howard Kunstler Interviews John Michael Greer

James interviews John Michael Greer of Cumberland, Maryland about where we are now on the arc of collapse and what the mood of the culture is.
Peak Oil

2014.08.01 faux-normal

There’s a quote that I see now and then that is usually attributed by mistake (and like many things, repeated and passed along until people regard the altered version as factual) to professional manipulator Karl Rove. 1,604 more words

Three philosophies for hard times ahead

John Michael Greer, author of several books about the consequences of peaking of world oil supplies, thinks progress is a consoling illusion.  He does not believe there is anything about the nature of things that guarantees that this generation will be better off than the previous one, or that future generations will be better off than this one. 1,284 more words