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To the poor, Progress (and Science) mean oppression and deteriorating conditions

Another must-read is John Michael Greer’s essay “Dark Edge America: The Sharp Edge of the Shell” in which he examines science and technology as social phenomena of our own civilisation and how their use as a tool of the elites, make them vulnerable: 247 more words


John Michael Greer explains why symptoms of approaching social change are often pathologized

 Foreshocks of the mind

The human psyche is not simply a cultural construct. Neither is the universe in which the individual and society alike are embedded. 456 more words


John Michael Greer on the Death of Science

John Michael Greer has written a thought-provoking piece called The Suicide of Science about how the public is rapidly losing trust in “science”. I put the word “science” in parenthesis because Greer is not referring to the scientific method of inquiry. 514 more words


John Michael Greer: Decline and Fall of the Global Empire

An empire is an arrangement among nations, backed and usually imposed by military force, which extracts wealth from a periphery of subject nations and concentrates it in the imperial core.

2,540 more words
Dystopian Reflections