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John Milbank on the Left, Right, and Plantonic Communism

One of the more astounding claims in John Milbank’s latest book, Beyond Secular Order, is that philosophical appeals to pre-modernity are in no way ‘conservative’ as opposed to ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ According to Milbank’s reading, pre-modern ontology and its material correlate, Christian Socialism, short circuit these static and tired binaries. 955 more words

John Milbank

Beyond Secular Order

Henri de Lubac strongly cautioned theologians who imprudently politicized theology by justifying overreaching ecclesial power. In Beyond Secular Order, John Milbank takes Henri de Lubac to task in a striking footnote: 308 more words

Political Theology

Pinckaers and the Joy of the Gospel

Morality: The Catholic View is not the most riveting title for a book. Given the foreboding title, the volume is astonishingly trim – a little over a hundred pages. 391 more words


Romanticism as a Political Program

At the end of Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity, Michael  Löwy and Robert Sayre suggest that Romanticism may offer some resources for a post-Marxist political vision.  455 more words


Post-Liberal Solutions to our Tocquevillian Problems

As Rob pointed out, inequality is a hot political issue.  And politically, we are in double trouble.  We are confronted with both “Aristotelian” and “Tocquevillian” challenges. 856 more words