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Francis de Sales Describes the Dark Night of the Spirit

It should be common knowledge to regular readers of this blog that many of the Doctors of the Church teach substantially the same thing about transformation in Christ: sinners that we are, both our sensual part and our “deeper”, spiritual part have to be refocused on Jesus. 720 more words

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Throwing down the guantlet

I can’t believe it has been 10 days since I last posted – life seems to always get in the way. That actually brings me to a new thought, how do we fully incorporate our spiritual life into our daily life? 522 more words


If You Are Burdened...

If you are burdened, then you live in union with God who is your strength; for God holds the grieving one upright.
Saint John of the Cross


UPDATE: Chapter 18 - Rome's Renewal (1500 - 1700) - Witch Hunts, Huguenots, Teresa of Avila, and John of the Cross

Had another interesting session once again tonight.

Here are our submissions.

Ron dropped by and offered some interesting perspectives on the history of the Church in general.   459 more words

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How do I pray contemplatively?

Now, I will talk about something that I am not yet good at; call me a novice in contemplative prayer. I first met it during my novitiate, a stage focused in preparing and discerning to enter consecrated life. 158 more words

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Mountains of Spices

I’ve been reading in the Song of Songs, a book that in my early years seemed utterly irrelevant to the rest of Scripture, but now has taken on a strange fascination. 223 more words


Spiritual Formation IS Salvation Pt 4

What John of the Cross Taught me About Leadership

For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? …

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