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I’m enjoying a little space this early evening mulling over preaching during the services of the next few days.  I’m thinking quite a bit about night, darkness, love, justice.   362 more words

The Sufferings of Little Jesus

The interior sufferings of Jesus, as a child, were greater than the exterior sufferings of Jesus in Holy Week. Really: the interior sufferings of the child Jesus “outweigh”, so to speak, the exterior afflictions and sufferings of Jesus’ Passion. 769 more words

Thoughts And Writings

St Teresa's Wisdom

St. Teresa’s deepest conviction as a Carmelite was to imitate the way of life of the early hermits of the Order. She often said: “Let us remember our holy fathers of past days, the hermits whose lives we attempt to imitate. 99 more words


How is it that Love Equalizes Lovers?

Throughout the works of those two great saints of love who are John of the Cross and Francis de Sales, we come across assertions that the act of loving makes the lover on the same plane as the beloved, that the object of our love, whether higher or lower than us, describes where the value of our own love falls; or, in the words of Saint Francis, 137 more words

Passio Divinorum

Don't Desire Sensory Apprehensions of Spiritual Things

Despite their remedial effect the soul should never dare to desire such sensory apprehensions because: 1) they will diminish faith, which transcends all sensory perceptions, and in doing so will lead the soul away from the only means to union with God; 2) they will detain the soul and prevent the spirit from soaring to the invisible; 3) they will not allow the soul to attain to genuine renunciation and nakedness of spirit; 4) through her attachment to the sensory she becomes less receptive of the spirit of devotion; 5) she will lose the graces which God wishes to give her because she selfishly strains after such visions; and 6) the desire to accept the communications opens the door to the devil to deceive her with feigned communications.

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The Most Intimate Embrace

The less a soul is encumbered by her own appetites and inclinations, the more He is alone and as in His own home in her, and the more alone, the more concealed does He remain there.

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Stripped of Everything to be One with Jesus

In a word, those who truly love Jesus Christ lose all affection for worldly goods, and seek to strip themselves of everything, to be one with Jesus Christ alone.

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