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Washington Post: Justice Stevens was wrong on the 2nd Amendment

This article is a reprint from The Washington Post and was originally found Here or Here.

Justice Stevens was wrong on the 2nd Amendment…

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Judicial independence bites Obama

Barack Obama has just gotten a taste of what many of his presidential predecessors have had to swallow as it regards federal judicial appointments.

Their court appointments didn’t vote nearly the way their benefactor — the president — wanted them to vote. 313 more words

"Turn The NRA’s Weapon Against It": Gun Lobbyist, "I Have Never Believed In The General Practice Of Carrying Weapons"

In 1934, the National Rifle Association’s lobbyist testified in front of the House Ways and Means Committee about President Franklin Roosevelt’s National Firearms Act. “ 842 more words

Ronald Reagan

"NRA’s Constitutional Fraud": The Truth Behind The "Right To Bear Arms"

In the wake of the horrific Isla Vista, California, mass killing, Americans have once again engaged the debate over gun proliferation. Victims’ families issue primal cries for regulation of these deadly weapons and gun activists respond by waving the Constitution and declaring their “fundamental right” to bear arms is sacrosanct. 1,155 more words


Joe The Plumber

If we are interested in such things, we can read in Wikipedia the following text about one of America’s “heroes.”

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known by the nickname “Joe the Plumber“, is an…

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Plane Ride Book Review: "Six Amendments"

It’s not the normal book to recommend as you prepare to fly to Brazil for the start of Mundial.  This thin but dense book, penned by former U.S. 95 more words

Book Review