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Real Life Rock (12/81)

Laurie Anderson’s emergence from the ghetto of avant-garde performance art into the domain of the international pop star is one of the remarkable stories of the year. 2,440 more words

Greil Marcus

Inception of Tour De Traum

With music constantly evolving and artists coming out of the wood work exponentially, finding music expressed and published in the form of the artist is hard to come by nowadays. 519 more words


In Memory Of John Peel Show July 25th - Podcast & Playlist

Music from more than a dozen countries and even more styles somehow meld to make a special show which includes Ginger baker’s first music for 15 years.  358 more words

Too Hot to Handle

This bunch of wags probably first came to my attention on the John Peel show, but they came to mind again yesterday when I was thinking about the power(?) of this ‘ere Internet.   203 more words

In Memory Of John Peel Show July 18th - Podcast & Playlist

Bookended by the Japanese Jane Birkin, The IMOJP Show returns with a Bang in the middle -sparkling new music by unusual vocalists before it gets very noisy for a while… No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it. 331 more words

Watch "Gary Numan - Lost" on YouTube

Gary Numan – Lost: http://youtu.be/ODF5yk_nGvI

Ok one last addition to videos with gary numan. This again is from splinter. Great album dark mood but very ambient.  134 more words

Are you experienced?

I must have come to know and love this through 6Music, although I suppose I may have come across the track on a Peel show, back in the day.   87 more words