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The Queen Is Dead | Queen's Greatest Hits & Me

In the glorious summer between leaving school and going to university, I did a lot of driving around.

Actually, this isn’t strictly true. It was Dave who did all the driving, and I that did all the being driven around. 1,247 more words


Join us for a night of books...and Max Décharné

The next best thing to reading a wonderful book is introducing it to someone else- and next Wednesday (23rd April) is World Book Night, the perfect opportunity not only for readers but also for non-readers to discover and explore more about books and reading. 387 more words


Catching up on forty years. 1978: Teenage kicks - The Undertones

Lurking under the sheen of ABBA, Boney M and the hit songs from Grease  lies a song that in 1978 probably said more about life than the music that they constantly play (to misquote The Smiths).   267 more words


Not Forgotten: Bob - Leave the Straight Life Behind Reissue, plus interview

It might be unjustified, but I’ve always North London indie band BOB were in debt to me. I’d discovered them, as I did most things back then (then being the cusp of the 1990′s) by listening to John Peel, and there, shoehorned in between experimental electronica and dub reggae (probably) was this gorgeous, uplifting, glistening piece of perfect indie pop. 3,020 more words


In Memory Of John Peel Show April 4th - Podcast & Playlist

Defying categorisations… if you don’t like the first track, don’t worry there will be something quite different following it soon. No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it. 72 more words

Good Vibrations - are teenage dreams so hard to beat?

Teenage Kicks by The Undertones was one of the fresh and exciting records championed by the great John Peel on Radio One during the 1970s. 222 more words

Timewyrm: Genesys (Doctor Who: The New Adventures) post 1

Written by

John Peel

Chapters 1 – 4

I can’t imagine this would be a fun novel to write. Oh, I’m sure crafting the story was fun, but the pressure of having the first post-series, original would be intimidating to me. 445 more words

Doctor Who