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Too Hot to Handle

This bunch of wags probably first came to my attention on the John Peel show, but they came to mind again yesterday when I was thinking about the power(?) of this ‘ere Internet.   203 more words

In Memory Of John Peel Show July 18th - Podcast & Playlist

Bookended by the Japanese Jane Birkin, The IMOJP Show returns with a Bang in the middle -sparkling new music by unusual vocalists before it gets very noisy for a while… No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it. 331 more words

Watch "Gary Numan - Lost" on YouTube

Gary Numan – Lost: http://youtu.be/ODF5yk_nGvI

Ok one last addition to videos with gary numan. This again is from splinter. Great album dark mood but very ambient.  134 more words

Are you experienced?

I must have come to know and love this through 6Music, although I suppose I may have come across the track on a Peel show, back in the day.   87 more words