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Where Were You?

An early Mekons track from John Peel‘s show, many years before they discovered country and Americana. It’s just over ten years since John Peel’s untimely death at the age of sixty five. 38 more words


New To Me - New To You - Sara Lowes

Saturday marked 10 year since the death of John Robert Parker Ravenscroft, or as he’s better known John Peel. He’s got a stage at Glastonbury, an annual lecture on… 1,066 more words

We need to talk about John Peel

Have you marked this past decade in detached melancholy? You are unlikely to be alone. It has been 10 years since the death of John Peel; 10 whole years. 1,085 more words


John Peel Centre Interview (For Now Playing @6Music)

“It never ceases to amaze us, as I don’t think it ever ceased to amaze John, the amount of talent around us that often doesn’t have any space or a stage… We hope to give them stage space and airtime here” … 282 more words

My Radio Work

Episode 104: Everyday I Write the Book


BIG thanks to Josh Kennedy (aka Thunder Comb) for joining us this week, and contributing music to the episode! You can listen above, and download the episode right… 249 more words

Faces On The Radio

John Peel - the innovator 's dna

Saturday saw the tenth anniversary of the death of John Peel, Britain’s most consistently innovative radio presenter for almost 40 years. While most of his colleagues became identified with a specific era, style or genre of music and thus superseded by the next generation, Peel endured thanks to his relentless reinvention and discovery, and an ability to adapt to changing musical fashions to remain at the cutting edge of taste. 2,168 more words


Iggy Pop Rocks

Recently at the UK Radio Festival, music legend, Iggy Pop gave the annual John Peel lecture about the music industry. In this lecture he said the music industry was “laughably, maybe, almost entirely pirate.” He blamed the state of the music industry on electronic devices and consumers, by saying “Electronic devices estranged people from their morals, making it easier to steal music than to pay for it.” 270 more words