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Why not meritocracy?

Alain de Botton often addresses interesting and important philosophical topics – for instance, recently, the idea of a meritocracy as the just way of organizing society and distributing social goods. 983 more words


Michael Sandel on Character, Self-knowledge, and Friendship

‘If the deontological ethic fails to redeem its own liberating promise, it also fails plausibly to account for certain indispensable aspects of our moral experience. For deontology insists that we view ourselves as independent selves, independent in the sense that our identity is never tied to our aims and attachments. 1,312 more words


Is Good Parenting a Problem for Society?

About a year after my first child was born, a friend of mine came to visit me. We were both enrolled in PhD programs, so he was aware of my workload. 1,114 more words

Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? (Sandel)

I’ve always been curious about this book and its author, and it just seemed right to buy it on while I was on his campus (Harvard) recently. 465 more words


Civil disobedience and political activism are overrated

Most activists take to the streets because if they ran openly for office, they would struggle to get 1% of the vote. Their best options are  426 more words

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‘A Theory of Justice’ §4

The focus of this section is to outline and justify the use of the original position in Rawls’ theory of justice. The original position is meant to be a deliberative device that is meant to lead people to a particular choice of principles. 204 more words

A Theory Of Justice

‘A Theory of Justice’ §3

In the third section Rawls introduces the main framework of his theory including the veil of ignorance and the original position. He will go into much greater detail later, so I won’t summarize them here. 259 more words

A Theory Of Justice