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Public Schooling and the Veil of Ignorance

As I noted in my first post on this blog (comparing charter school districts to Obamacare), it can very difficult to judge the merits of a new public school system given our attachment to the existing public school system, as well as how, individually, each of us benefits (or doesn’t benefit) from the existing structure. 293 more words

John Rawls

regaining my theory legs pt. 2: marxism as a scientific rationalism, the philosophy of science, utilitarianism, just and unjust civil disobedience

The first and third essays in this series were given as presentations in my sociology class while the last one was passed in as final paper. 959 more words


The genius of John Rawls

That’s why I love John Rawls. Besides a brilliant philosophy he somehow convinced me to want and desire his principles.

He claims his theory of justice is paramount, and i second his claim like it’s my own. 298 more words


Don’t Dismiss the Humanities

Extracts from a column by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times, August 14

What use could the humanities be in a digital age?

University students focusing on the humanities may end up, at least in their parents’ nightmares, as dog-walkers for those majoring in computer science. 320 more words

Nicholas Kristof's defense of the humanities

Well, the defenses of the humanities just keep on coming…  Nicholas Kristof writes in his column today about how his understanding of the world was influenced by three philosophers: Isaiah Berlin, John Rawls, and Peter Singer. 284 more words


Maximise your minimum

John Rawls believed that under the veil of ignorance, or perfect information asymmetry about one’s relative position in the pecking order of society, man would seek to maximise the social, political, and economic rights for the least advantaged members of society. 1,586 more words

Notes To A Grad Student