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Your Vote: Make it wisely and make it for Brampton



A small group of individuals on the present Brampton City Council and a writer attempting create self fame have run rough-shot over Brampton for the past two years. 916 more words


Fennell Caught Stealing ! (not)



 We sometimes overlook the obvious even when it’s right in front of our noses.

A recent trip to the intersection of Mississauga Road and Steeles Avenue in west Brampton puts city government into perspective.  389 more words


Linda Jeffrey leads mayoral race in Brampton: Poll

WATCH: The polls suggest Linda Jeffrey is the presumptive leader in the race for the mayor’s chair in Brampton.

TORONTO – Former Ontario Liberal MPP Linda Jeffrey is the clear frontrunner in the Brampton mayoral race, according to a new poll. 198 more words


Last Night’s Debate Exposes Sanderson



It was almost predictable with John Sanderson.  From the get-go, Sanderson was in way over his head.  He launched a campaign for a job that he is grossly incapable of performing and he launched it on the hope that if he generated enough anger, he could (somehow) become mayor of Brampton, Ontario. 589 more words


Time to Put on the Big Boy Pants and Lose the Emotions!!!


A rogue faction inside Brampton City Council is attempting to circumvent the voters’ choice and toss our Mayor before we get a chance to vote them OUT and her back in. 574 more words


Light Rail Transit Comes to Buffy's Corners

[ LRT into downtown Brampton is a bad idea made for bad reasons]

Perhaps it might have a lot to do with my personal DNA and the fact that as an Aboriginal person, I have a great affinity for “our mother” ~ this earth that we inhabit.  1,017 more words


Errata – Concerning Portuguese Religious Parade




I had a very pleasant telephone conversation this morning with Brampton MP Kyle Seeback who I have come to know and respect.

Kyle advised me that he attended the veneration  of Sehnor Santo Cristo Dos Milagres at Our Lady of Fatima (Roman Catholic Church)  on Sunday on invitation. 174 more words