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Light Rail Transit Comes to Buffy's Corners

[ LRT into downtown Brampton is a bad idea made for bad reasons]

Perhaps it might have a lot to do with my personal DNA and the fact that as an Aboriginal person, I have a great affinity for “our mother” ~ this earth that we inhabit.  1,017 more words


Errata – Concerning Portuguese Religious Parade




I had a very pleasant telephone conversation this morning with Brampton MP Kyle Seeback who I have come to know and respect.

Kyle advised me that he attended the veneration  of Sehnor Santo Cristo Dos Milagres at Our Lady of Fatima (Roman Catholic Church)  on Sunday on invitation. 174 more words


Maybe we should all learn about Sensationalism

By applying the Toronto Star’s method of reporting, that traffic ticket you got for driving 55 kph in a 40 kph zone would really be 15 tickets – wouldn’t it? 114 more words


A Layman's History of the Bickering at Brampton City Hall

[ Voters in Brampton are entitled to FULL disclosure on this]

On October 11th, 2011 the Brampton Guardian published a story titled, “Group targets Dominus plan” 983 more words


Amazing Readership - Thank You

I began a series of stories about various individuals as set out in the Deloitte Forensic Audit because I found the stories as carried by the Toronto Star and its little sister, the Brampton Guardian to be intentionally biased.   83 more words

Defining Conflict of Interest

[ A pause to reflect: The Bellamy Commission]

Amazing conclusions were formed by Justice Bellamy nearly ten years ago about what happens when Municipal officials use their office to become involved in activities that are contrary to the public good that create an impression of personal gain or advantage. Think BIG,,,,really BIG

Thought for the day

I am beginning to figure things out and have determined that the jockey can not move any faster than the horse he rides. Such is also the case with engaging in anything political. 11 more words