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October 27, 2014 – Three Months Until Municipal Elections


We are now three months away from Municipal Elections throughout Ontario.  In Brampton, Ontario I hold the opinion that a small minority of “edgy” individuals are about to learn a lesson. 527 more words

A Hospital? Probably Not. Legal? Maybe not.

There is a dirty habit that the current Provincial Government of Ontario has with words.  It is a habit that borders on cowardliness.   There is a lot wrong with what is happening at the former Peel Memorial Hospital Site on Lynch Street in Brampton.  1,117 more words

An Investigative Report on Mayoral Candidate Linda Jeffrey

Is Linda Jeffrey Credible?

Robbie Burns, the Scottish national poet (in his famous poem “To A Louse”) said it best.  Burns’ exact words were, “O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us” are a useful guide to those aspiring to politics.  1,345 more words

Sanderson? Jeffrey? What’s UP here?

The bobbsey-twins doing their frick and frack thing in Brampton.  What a team!  One (Jeffrey) double crossed Brampton and had our hospital destroyed and her partner Sanderson seems to have inherited yet another complaint with the City’s Integrity Commissioner. 44 more words

One Person’s Garbage is……?

Let’s talk about waste. No, not perceived expense account waste incurred by elected officials.

The waste that has captured my attention is about “garbage” and it is also about wasted opportunity. 934 more words

$3.0 Billion Monstrosity on Main Street is Illogical

I am happy to hear frank discussions about LRT. Good policy comes from informed public.  The current presentation is unworthy of endorsement as it fails to address gridlock in Brampton.  773 more words