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Being Poor in the Third World

Nine years ago the science fiction writer John Scalzi published a blog post entitled Being Poor.    It became very popular and was reprinted in a number of venues.    1,117 more words


Review of Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

As Scalzi flags in the Author’s Note at the beginning of this book, ‘Fuzzy Nation is a reimagining of the story and events in… 462 more words

Book Review

The Human Division - Sixth week

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen ! Bonsoir Mesdammes et Messieurs ! It’s your captain speaking. Welcome, or welcome back on the I. S. S. Rover ! 1,034 more words


Some Stuff That's Nifty (4/6/14)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so forgive me if I’m rusty.


1. My friend James maintains his own blog which he updates infrequently.  731 more words


Book Review: "The Human Division #9: The Observers" by John Scalzi

Just now I realized I have only done individual reviews for the first eight installments of The Human Division by John Scalzi. That simply won’t do, so for the next few Saturdays I’ll be getting installments 9-13 reviewed and posted. 437 more words

Science Fiction

Red Shirts by John Scalzi

by Lindsay Roseberry

Anyone who likes science fiction shows, in particular Star Trek, knows about “red shirts.” Fans of the show began noticing that those with red shirts in “away teams” always died. 202 more words


The Best (and the rest) of 2013

I’ve been reading since the day my parents told me I could stay up for an extra hour at bedtime if it was with a book. 825 more words

Just For Fun