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Lock In by John Scalzi

I was pretty excited to see that John Scalzi would be visiting Joseph Beth in Lexington to promote his new science fiction novel Lock In. Scalzi had acted as the guest emcee and introduced Neil Gaiman at a local signing for The Ocean at the End of the Lane and I was intrigued enough to follow Scalzi on Twitter. 679 more words

Book Review

Cincinnati's Books By The Banks: October 11, 2014

The eighth annual Books By The Banks: Cincinnati USA Book Festival will be held from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 11 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati. 219 more words

Book Review: “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi

The big three books of military science fiction are “Starship Troopers” by Robert Heinlein, “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman and “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi. 383 more words

Book Review

The Android's Dream by John Scalzi

“Dirk Moeller didn’t know if he could fart his way into a major diplomatic incident. But he was ready to find out.”


Make Things Interesting

I just read through John Scalzi’s post about how teen writer’s kind of suck, and, though I am not a teen, I am on the younger side and the subsequent internet search for articles on writing techniques I felt the need to sift through left me feeling somewhat self conscious. 654 more words


Cyranoids - Who Are You Really Talking To?

This fascinating article on Wired has been bouncing around Twitter today – about an experiment into “cyranoids”, a term coined by psychologist Stanley Milgram for “people who do not speak thoughts originating in their own central nervous system: Rather, the words that they speak originate in the mind of another person who transmits these words to the cyranoid by means of a radio transmitter.” 186 more words



When my Grandfather hated, he called it duty. Attacking the trenches, killing the enemy, glorifying the dead and the dying.

My father rejected my Grandfather’s way, he despised the violence, the bloodshed, the slavish obedience to the politicians and generals. 196 more words