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My List of Favorite U2 Albums. Because John Scalzi.

So John Scalzi just posted his ranking of U2 albums in honor of the release of their new album, and that seemed like as good a reason as any for me to waste time on my own list. 1,119 more words

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Lock In

A new Scalzi novel? Sign me up on the list for an ARC. Please?

I don’t know how John Scalzi does it but he gets better with every book he writes. 288 more words

Book Review

Lock In - John Scalzi

I recommend Lock In, both as a near-future science fiction novel, and as an exploration of how society considers disability.

It opens with an essay explaining pretty much exactly what happened and who all these different players are, so much of the world-building is done in the first 3 pages. 168 more words

Book Reviews

Redshirts - It's a book, Jim!

There is a well known trope in Star Trek that if a character is seen wearing a red shirt (usually signalling their involvement with a security team) then the chances are they will be dead by the end of the episode. 486 more words

Book Reviews

Initial Thoughts on John Scalzi's "Lock In" (Spoilers)

I just finished John Scalzi’s Lock In, and I have an array of thoughts. I’ve decided to post it here instead of my (poor, under used) book tumblr for two reasons: 1) it is a very disability centric work and 2) a lot of my reflections on it are not just disability centric, but also… 3,737 more words


John Scalzi’s LOCK IN

I’ve been dying to read this since Scalzi published his oral history, teaser novella earlier this year. You don’t have to read the novella before this but I would highly recommend doing so because it shows the true depth of the world building Scalzi has imagined for our near future. 265 more words


Check-in Post: 9/6/14 Hi! *waves*

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blog but I’ve been busy with book stuff. Love’s Last Call, my light-hearted New Adult romance is available for pre-order at a special $1.99 price. 529 more words

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