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Our Savior is the Reason for Every Good Thing

John the Baptist had a definite purpose and that was to prepare the Way for our Savior. To give people the knowledge and guidance needed to understand the reason for the life of Christ. 104 more words


Movie Review: Salome & Wilde Salome

Starring: Al Pacino, Jessica Chastain
Director: Al Pacino
Rating: 7/10

Oscar Wilde’s ornately written drama about the death of John the Baptist at the hands of the Princess of Judea isn’t exactly an obvious candidate for a film adaptation. 874 more words



Read Mark 6:1 – 56

Can you ever be a prophet and proclaim the Word of the Lord in your hometown?

Jesus  comes home and his hometown rejects his message. 393 more words

Shine the Light

In Luke 1:57-80, Zechariah said that the purpose of the Messiah would be to redeem God’s people. He said his son would be named John who would shine the light and give God’s people knowledge of salvation through forgiveness of their sins. 98 more words


Who is this about whom I hear such things?

Now Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was happening, and he was perplexed, because it was said by some that John had been raised from the dead, by some that Elijah had appeared, and by others that one of the prophets of old had risen. 550 more words


The Baptism of Jesus

Jesus declares His intention to die in our place.

Lesson 44 from The HOPE Study Guide


Then Jesus arrived from Galilee at the Jordan coming to John, to be baptized by him. 1,114 more words


Happy Birthday To Me

Suppose you have a birthday coming up. What is the one question everyone asks you? You know what it is, What do you want for your birthday? 377 more words

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