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Movie Wisdom - John Mitchum Edition

It is probably too soon for another edition of Movie Wisdom, but I have been inspired by one of my favorite movies, which is on television at this very moment. 359 more words


The Searchers (1958)

“Well, Reverend, that tears it! From now on, you stay out of this. All of ya. I don’t want you with me. I don’t need ya for what I got to do.” – Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) 544 more words


My Rifle, My Pony, and Me

Can you imagine John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley all together in the same flick on the big, silver screen? Well, before you start rapidly scanning the recesses of your brain or Googling furiously thinking “have I failed in my lifetime to see a colossally epic film I should not have missed?”… 403 more words

The Butcher

The blade glided downwards as his knuckles rested against it, preventing it from cutting the tips of his fingers. Clumps of sawdust and blood stuck to the bottom of my shoe. 438 more words

Charles Bronson

Cowboy Sartorialism: How To Dress Like John Wayne (part 1)

John Wayne had a singular style, wearing pretty much the same costumes from movie to movie. Part of it was surely maintaining a consistent, iconic look across films. 806 more words

Western Wear

American Titan by Marc Eliot

Marc Eliot is a biographer who specializes in telling the lives of movie stars. So it’s no shock that his latest bio is American Titan: Searching for John Wayne… 382 more words

Vietnam War

John Wayne Says It ALL!


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