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In a singular moment,

When all time and space stood still,

This is the only first time,

That my lips will meet with yours.


Say It

It’s not so hard to admit,

When you are being honest,

Though it can make you feel weak,

And at another’s mercy.

The grim coldness of it all, 21 more words


Walk A Mile

The judgment that you have passed,

Is decidedly unjust.

You booked, tried, convicted me,

In this, your kangaroo court.

You’ve already passed sentence –

I will hang from your gallows. 24 more words



It was once said this should happen.

Does what I write give you comfort,

At times when disturbance abounds?

Does what I write bring disturbance, 22 more words


North Carolina’s Lost - Roanoke Colony - May Have Been Found

Inquistr: The location of North Carolina’s lost colony has remained a mystery for more than four centuries. However, as reported by Charlotte Observer, researchers may have discovered what happened; the clue was found on a map of North Carolina and Virginia, which was created by former governor John White. 79 more words


Death to Life


The awareness,

The sure knowledge,

That you will die,

Constantly there.


Do not allow,

All of these thoughts,

To hold you down,

To turn to fear. 12 more words


Doug Harris' June 2015, New Orleans Charter Event Wants Less Tulane Influence and More Community Voice

In June 2015, Tulane economics professor and Education Research Alliance (ERA) founder Doug Harris will (now) offer the public the opportunity to attend his three-day conference on “lessons from New Orleans ten years after Hurricane Katrina.” 1,811 more words

High-stakes Testing