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Top 10 Fascinating Eunuchs

Eunuchs are men that have been castrated, had their sexual organs removed. The practice of castration has occurred in many societies and throughout human history. From the earliest days of Sumeria to the modern day (the last Chinese Imperial Eunuch died in 1996), eunuchs have been made to fill various roles. 1,570 more words

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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Houdini

Reflecting on many aspects of Houdini’s life from beginning to end, this list will reveal that not only was he the greatest showman ever, but one of the most remarkable personalities the world has ever known too. 998 more words

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1858: A Mad Hatter

July 16, 1858 – On this day, fiercely religious but mentally unstable hat maker Boston Corbett (26) used a pair of scissors to castrate himself. He did this because he wanted to make himself immune against the temptations of street prostitutes. 479 more words


Parallels Between Obama and Lincoln – They Are Uncanny! | Life of a Nut, Shell... (GyG: Lincoln Execution, Etc.)...

Most of us know of the comparable relationship between Lincoln and Kennedy; but have you ever considered the comparisons between President Obama and Lincoln? You might be quite surprised…

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10 People Who Give America a Bad Reputation

Potentially controversial, this list looks at 10 people (some dead, some living) whose actions have cast a shadow across the reputation of the United States of America. 5,509 more words

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Jesse James Poisoned Lincoln's Assassin - henrymakow.com

Brothers Jesse,left, and Frank James strike a Masonic poseAfter John Wilkes Booth was poisonedfor breaking his Masonic oath of silence,his mummified corpse was rented outto carnivals and sideshows.” 809 more words

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Plot to abduct Lincoln through old Anacostia [J. Wilkes Booth: An Account of His Sojourn in Southern Maryland, 1893]

“Sometime in December 1864, I heard that there was a ‘big scheme’ afoot to abduct President Lincoln and take him a prisoner to Washington.

Briefly stated, the plan was this: The President when he went for his customary evening drive toward the Navy Yard, was to be seized and either chloroformed or gagged, and driven quietly out of the city. 116 more words