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SuperPithy - Figment of the imagination

SuperPithy – Figment of the imagination

SuperPithy’s are short fan fiction scenes mostly a page long or shorter. The topics I get from other people and they are rolled with a dice which one I choose. 159 more words


Carry On Our Wayward Sons: Supernatural Season One - The One In Which the Winchesters Become a Pair

Extremis is proud to present a new series from sometimes contributor PoiSonPaiNter about the CW’s Supernatural. 

Usually a review on this page is for a Comic Book volume, detailing what is happening and how the overall storyline is coming along.

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Supernatural: Remembering Bobby Singer - Part 1 History

Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver, is the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural, except the current one, at least so far. 2,901 more words

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Supernatural 10.09 – The Things We Left Behind

by Mieke Trudeau

“I didn’t mean to”

I needed a few days and a rewatch or three, to figure out why this episode didn’t quite click with me. 2,019 more words




reminder that dean probably looked something like this when john first started taking him out on hunts