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"Soul Survivor" Preview Clip - My Thoughts


I can’t believe what I just watched and how incredible it was. That is top-notch writing right there. I am super excited for this episode! 584 more words


The Romance of the End of Days: Would John and Mary's Relationship Actually Lasted Had the Angels Not Intervened?

Ah, yes. On to my first actual assigned post of the blog.

For those who are not familiar with the specific Supernatural story line, I will be posting an entire summary of the last nine seasons (And hopefully some episode reviews as season ten begins to air) at a later time. 560 more words

Uther Pendragon is John Winchester


I love these characters, and I pity them for their losses but I viciously despise them for screwing up their children.

Uther Pendragon wants the best for Arthur but he is so caught up In his work against magic that he pushes to hard and he pushes Arthur away and all Arthur wants is for his father to be proud of him. 37 more words

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