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The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition – a veritable ode to synergy

As a music journalist with a website dedicated to promoting the world’s most skillful musicians and composers, I listen to a lot of new material every year. 1,456 more words

10 Best Albums I Listened To In 2014 That Didn’t Come Out In 2014

This week I’ve been reading lots of year-end lists anointing the top albums of 2013. But everybody knows that music isn’t something you can properly digest in 12-month cycles. 1,604 more words

REVIEW: tētēma - "Geocidal"

Sabina Maselli’s spirited avant-film experimentation is the perfect introduction to tētēma, the Anthony Pateras/Mike Patton duo debuting tomorrow on Ipecac. Both, it should be noted, are mind-blowing. 662 more words


A review. Sort of.

I can’t help it, I read reviews.  I’m mad for them, reviews of stuff I’ve done, of things I’m into, of CDs I don’t want or don’t like, of things I’ve never heard of.   1,193 more words


11 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before December 1


Party: OMGala 7.5 at Hair of the Dog

Just because it’s a slow holiday week, let’s spotlight an event near and dear to my heart: OMGala, the semi-regular art writer meetup that’s been going on for the last few years. 977 more words


A threnody for Lou Reed

It’s already a year since Lou Reed died. You could mark the anniversary by saving up for the new super-deluxe edition of the Velvet Underground’s third album, now expanded to six CDs through the addition of alternative mixes and live stuff, or by reading the updated version of Jeremy Reed’s biography, … 346 more words


Sonic Arts Research Centre


I have been quite for a while…it turns out I am doing a funded PhD at SARC, in Belfast.

Wasn’t really expecting to be doing this up to the veeeery last minute. 123 more words