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January 27, 2015


Old Testament: 2 Chronicles 32

New Testament: John 1:43-51

Summarize“Nathaniel said to Jesus, ‘Rabbi, you are the son of God! You are the king of Israel!’” … 222 more words

2 Chronicles

Day 289

2 Samuel 20:

Once one had tried his hand at rebellion it was almost inevitable that another would give it a go.  Sheba was less subtle and lacked the finesse of Absalom but David realised that he must be stopped quickly.  344 more words

500 Club

Worst Comic Comics: 2015/01/27 - Worst Superhero Days EVER!

And then Wonder Woman said, “You promised we would never speak of this again!”


Blogging With Saint John: Reject phony preachers.

2 John

The elect lady that John wrote to was not an individual but a church. He imparted instruction consistent with what he wrote in his first letter. 319 more words


Beware Of False Prophets

Matthew 24:11 – and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.

There were false prophets in the days of the Old and New Testament and there are false prophets today.

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Skiing Squaw with John and Marcy

John, Marcy, and I discussed going to Tahoe for a ski weekend the end of the season last year.  Nine months later, when January finally rolled around, it was time.   18 more words




As Jerry explained in his #FOURCOMICS article:

Last week, comic book writer Jim Zub introduced the #fourcomics hashtag, looking for comics that influenced people growing up.

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