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'Captain America's' Chris Evans Says He's Ready to Leave Acting Behind

There’s no escaping Captain America — especially for the actor behind the blue mask. That’s not just a career assessment. It’s a physical reality. To gear up as the iconic Marvel superhero, Chris Evans, the star of the upcoming “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” once again dons his trademark patriotic suit, which requires the actor to wear a snug latex undergarment that keeps the uniform from clinging to his sculpted muscles. 2,497 more words


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Captain America The First Avenger [all characters

   I'll be sad to see Chris Evans leave the role of Steve Rogers but if the movies follow the eventual plot following the Winter Soldier then it will be fluidly awesome. Chris seems like an awesome guy and I've been a fan of his since the first FF movie where he played Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. It's kind of cool to find out that he is more like that character than Steve Rogers. It just says something about his acting ability and dedication to his craft. In what ever he does, I wish him success.

Fantastically New

Now we all know that the new fantastic four is coming soon, and not everybody is fully delighted with the casting (Cough*Michael B.*Cough) but as he said, even if they have a problem with it “They’re still going to watch it”. 321 more words


[And The Crowd Goes Wild] Marvel Reveals That New Captain America Will Be Black

Shortly after revealing that Thor will now have a vagina, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada reveals that there’s a new sheriff in town. A black sheriff may I add. 235 more words


Johnny Storm

Line: Fantastic Four

Series: 4

Scale: 5 inch

Height: 5 inches

Location: Box 1

Comments: none


Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

Johnny Storm is a founding member of the Fantastic Four. He is the younger brother of Sue Storm (Invisible Woman).

Like the rest of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm gained his powers on a spacecraft bombarded by cosmic rays becoming the Human Torch. 137 more words

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